Monday, December 16, 2013

Wha Happened To My Bloggy Blog?

Wha Happened? 

(Ignore everything I said about my new look. I just changed it to another new, but classic look, so that "snappy" one is already kaput!  However, the rest of this post is still the same. Sheesh! I'm exhausted playing with Blogger.) 

All I set out to do was restore my threaded comments and fix the constant error messages I was getting from #!@!!% Blogger when I wrote a post.

And Viola (a girl I once knew), I got this.

I'm still not sure how to manage it, but I'm working my way through. It took me half an hour to find the Compose page.

I kind of like the choices it gives me, but it's not "homey." Should a blog be homey or snappy? That's the question I keep asking myself.

So vote okay?

Do you like this slick, very cool style for me? Did you have trouble figuring out which way you wanted to view it? That THINGY in the upper left hand corner gives you all kinds of options. You have to pull up all my links that used to be on the right side, by clicking on one of those SLIDING-OUT-WHATEVERS. You can see how technically challenged I am. Even my vocabulary is limited when it comes to explaining this bloggy world.

New Writing Challenge

I wrote a whole piece for COMPOSERS FOR RELIEF, but then discovered the sound track I'd written it for was already taken. My fault. I didn't check the list first. I think my new blog is to blame.

Anyway I chose another sound track. Here's the LINK to that one. I think it's very beautiful. Now all I have to do is write some words. 

If you'd like to sign up, click on the Composers link above, join in the fun and help with the relief effort.

The Writing Barn

Looks like a great place to write.

Here's a great chance for anyone with a complete or almost complete draft of a Middle Grade book. Check out the offer. I'm thinking of it.


  1. Sorry the song was taken. Blame the new blog.
    I admit, I'm not a big fan of this blog layout. It's almost too different.

  2. Sometimes these blogs get the best of us, don't they? But hey, it's a learning curve, right? Just needs a little color in the sidebars or something to brighten it up a bit, that's all. Content is king, and yours is top notch!

  3. That's why I hesitate to change anything. Who knows what will go wrong.

  4. I'm on a big, white box. Being tech-challenged myself, I'm afraid to click on anything for fear of not being able to get back here. I really don't think this is you. It's sterile and unlike vivacious-you at all!

  5. Ok, now I see what's going on. Things jump out at me from the side as I go by (just like windows 8!) and if I click anywhere this white box slams back in my face. IMHO...blech!

  6. I'm sorry this happened, Lee! It seems anything you do can set blogger off. Ugh! :(

  7. Meant to say before, I can't see the blog itself because I just get this white box like River.

  8. I'm not sure what I'm doing. I sort of wait for things to load then move my mouse around and click a bit until I get this to come up. I am able to comment one I get here. Next time I'll pay attention to exactly what I did so I can repeat the same steps :-)

  9. Sorry, but I liked the old version better. I'm getting the white box too.

  10. I'm terrified to change my blog - I'm always 'this close' to exploding the universe when I do! Good luck!

  11. Boggy Blogger is hard to figure out -- it's as contrary as a constipated mule (and that's pretty contrary, take my word for it). Good luck with the new writing to go to the new music. I'm sick of my blog, too, even though I just changed it. It's too vanilla-blah. I know what I want, but can't find it, so I'll have to photoshop a new one. Lord knows when that'll be because I'm busy reviewing books, critting chapters, and for entertainment, I'm watching my sales rank plummet. Good times.

  12. I'm on my Kindle and don't see anything. How good am I doing?

  13. Aloha Lee,

    I was able to open and read your recent posts - no problems - but yeah, it is a little different.

    I changed mine a few months ago (all I wanted was to change ONE thing) but I found my solution by reserving a couple of "Fix Blogger website" hours and with no other distractions, I was able to fix mine.

    Carrie Butler and Jeremy (retro) H. would be able to help for sure - I'm just not sure of their schedules...

    PS... THANKS so much for signing up for 50 States of Pray - I really appreciate it.
    One quick question - which State do you want to represent?

    Just let me know and I will update the Linky :)

    Cheers :)

  14. Hi Lee .. I don't like the new geary format, or the upsidown touch me bar that wanders around in the sidelines!

    But I'm glad this is as I expect it to be .. I can handle this version ..

    Cheers and glad you rescued Bloggy Blog .. happy preparations .. and I hope you're adjusting - it seems you are .. lots of other things to think about .. Hilary

  15. i am glad i finally figured out where your blog went!!! i admire your risk taking---my blog needs serious attention ;)

  16. A writing barn? I totally need one of those.

    Man I really want to participate in the Composers For Relief thing, but I'm about to blow a gasket as it is. You know, sometimes I think we have to step back, reevaluate where our priorities lie, and trim the fat. I think this whole writing career thing is going to be much easier when the kids are grown.

  17. I say blame the new blog for whatever you can! It looks great by the way! I hope it doesn't give you any more trouble.:)

    That writing barn looks spectacular!
    Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love the writing barn.

    Doing any changes can mean minutes, even hours, of endless tweaking.

  19. The new look is very clean :) And if you need a headbanner, dear, you can always call DEZZY'S BLOG BANNER SERVICE (you have the link in my buttons) :)

  20. Phew! I had another peek-in because the last few comments to land in my in-box said they liked it. MUCH better! :) Nothing is attacking me or jumping out like ghosts in a haunted house. I know, you were just waiting for me to give my stamp of approval...
    Happy Whatever-you-celebrate! I'm celebrating Bah Humbutt this year. It's like Humbug but with more flair.

  21. Wish I had a writing barn!
    Forget the blog, I love that bookshelf you've got on your home/intro page. So pretty!

  22. The Writing Barn!! Yes, yes, yes!!

    FWIW, the new blog acts fine for me, Lee.

  23. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I'm pretty new here so not sure I have an opinion--and it's still early so my brain isn't functioning yet. Dude, I love the writing barn!

  24. The blog looks great. What you could do, though, is have a header designed for you.


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