Friday, June 7, 2013

Small Things Hop

This is my first Small Things post since March. I've been on blogging sabbatical--a much needed blogging sabbatical! It feels good to be back and to celebrate more small things.


Today I'm going to celebrate an award! Thanks to Deanie Humphrys-Dunne for this splendid Dragon Loyalty Award


  • Display the Award Certificate on your website. 
  • Announce your win with a written post and link to whoever presented your award. 
  • Present the award to 7 deserving bloggers.
  • Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have nominated them in the post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself
  • If you don’t have a blog but have a website, Facebook, or Twitter or other type account, post there with a link back.
Seven more things about me:
I hope this isn't making you bleary-eyed already. My apologies if it is.
  1. I’ve posted this before, but since it’s still true I thought I’d post it again. I iron my sheets. I love the feel of smooth, freshly laundered and unwrinkled white sheets. No color for me.
  2. I’m a hiker and love to take off on long hikes in the mountains. 
  3. Coffee is my beverage of choice in the morning . Wine is my beverage of choice in the evening.
  4. I love to make jam in the summer. My grandmother always did that and I grew up tasting hot fresh jam on home baked bread still hot from the oven. Yumm.
  5. When I’m writing, I like to get up before the sun and put in a few hours before the rest of the house wakes up.
  6. Writing is like being on the other side of reading for me, so I get double pleasure when I do either one.
  7. I never had an imaginary friend, but did talk to my dog as if he could understand me. In fact, he did understand me. 
I'm passing on this Award to 7 Bloggers--I could pass it on to a hundred, so the choice was hard to make.

Bish Denham (old friend), Laura Eno snarky and fun), Father Dragon (he has to have this award), Mary Pax her head's always in the stars), Empty Nest Insider (she says it like it is), Alex Cavanaugh (you can never have enough awards) ,Sheri Larson (witty and pretty). 


  1. Thank you, Lee!
    I didn't have an imaginary friend either. And yes, my dog understood me.

    1. Wonderful! We must have understanding pets!

  2. Ooh, I bet that jam is good. Sounds so yummy. And I have to admit I still talk to my dog like he understands me LOL. Congrats on your award and happy weekend! :)

    1. Thank you, Julie. You're lucky to have that dog!

  3. Congrats on the award. Glad you enjoyed your blogging break.

  4. Thanks for thinking of me, Lee! I'm honored. I knew my snark would come in handy some day... ;)
    I never had an imaginary friend, either, but all my animals understand me!
    What's an iron?

  5. Good to see you back, Lee, and congrats on the award. I'm a coffe-o as well as a wino, too :)

  6. It was so nice of you to think of me Lee! I'm sharing this award with my imaginary childhood friend Pinto Lintner. Thanks Lee!


  7. Awww...thanks Lee! And here's to June, may she bring us gentle rain, flowers and songs for our hearts to sing.

  8. Congratulations...and welcome back!

  9. Hi Lee - great to see you back .. I iron my sheets .. and I'm sure my dog understood me! Then jam - oh if I had a family .. I'd been making jam and desperately trying not to eat it all! But the smell of fresh jam, baking bread .. delicious .. cheers Hilary

  10. Congratulations on your awards ;)

    I'm with you on both your beverages of choice.... and welcome back!

  11. Welcome back! And congrats on the award ;)

  12. Thanks, Lee! I know my cats understand me. It's pretty obvious they do most of the time. We're opposites with ironing, though. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Yum!!! I'm still drooling over #4 - nothing better than fresh bread & jam :)

  14. Hi C. Lee, it's really fun to learn more about you. When I was a little girl, I always thought that my pony could understand everything I said. He was a sneaky little fellow, though and he did what he wanted, no matter what I said! D
    Happy weekend, everyone.

  15. Congrats on the award C.Lee!
    Coffee first thing in the morning is a must! And I love the smell of fresh linen...
    Writer In Transit

  16. Arggggghhhhh! Not another blog hop! Take a deep breath, Gary. Okay, that's better! :)

    Yay for awards and hearty congrats to you, Lee. I'm sure your dog understood you. In my case, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, is bewildered by me. So, to get over her bewilderment, she takes over the keyboard and pawblishes one of her award winning pawstings.

    Yay to all those you forwarded the award onto. All incredibly fantastically awesome folks, I've no doubt. I'm sincerely grateful I'm not on that list. And why should I be? Besides, I've got so many awards my trophy cabinet is bulging. Maybe that didn't sound right.

    Thank you. I'm going now.


  17. Congrats on your cute-looking award. Waking up before the sun to write? You are tough!

  18. Oh, my. I LOVE the look of this award! It's awesome. Thank you so much, C.Lee. Congrats on being gifted it yourself!

  19. Wonderful award! and you know I had a big imagination and pictured Peter Pan, Luke Skywalker at my side, but my dog and my cat were the ones that I talked to, and I know they understood me. :)

  20. Great choices for recipients of the awards. I'm pretty suckie at giving awards as I have a hard time picking who to give them to lol!
    And I'd love to sit down with you in the evening with a couple of bottles of good wine and have some great conversations. They'd be wicked because you are the bomb!

  21. Beautiful award. Congrats! I know that all of my animals understand me. ;)

    I have never made jam- but it sounds like fun!

  22. I expect a transport of jam this summer coming from your direction, you know....

  23. Congratulations on your dragon reward - indeed very cool!
    I'm finding out that we share a lot of qualities - coffee, hiking, getting up in the morning to write, feeling that writing is the other side of reading. Wow, we must be long lost soul sisters :-)

  24. I'm totally with you on the hiking, and #6? Oh yeah. =) Fun facts.

  25. I used to hike a lot when I lived in Tennessee. Not so much now. My wife doesn't like to walk anywhere that's not paved, especially if there seems to be any possibility of the threat of seeing a snake.

    Wrote By Rote


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