Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Swamp Hop Goes to Hawaii & New Jersey . . .Then To A Fairday Place

Hawaii and New Jersey? Now how can you do that, you ask. Easy. I have super powers. Where do you think I get my ideas? Certainly not from any natural talent. What I can't steal, I conjure up. Plain and simple.

But where do ideas for our writing come from? So many writers say the seed of their book came from a news article or an overheard conversation or a trip. Ideas are those free floating, invisible bits that you happen on or that happen on you. Have you ever considered how many ideas you've missed? I often think that if I'd only turned left instead of right, I would have written a totally different book. If I'd only ordered Russian tea and not that cappuccino, another character would have materialized instead of the one that did. If I'd only gone to Spain and not to Turkey, the setting . . . You get the gist.

Where do your ideas come from? Do you remember what triggered that last novel or short story? Do you think about ideas you might be missing out on just by making one choice instead of another? Do you think I'm nuts? 

I hope you'll take a vacation with me as I say Aloha to MARK KOOPMANS. He's a wild and joyful guy with a smile as big as the islands. He'll make you laugh, so come say hi today.

Then in New Jersey the lovely CYNTHIA WILLIS has let me drop in for a visit with my book. She's another one with a winning smile and lots to say about writing and life. Here are her books. They came from some lovely ideas. Hope to see you there.

Now off to THE SECRET FILES OF FAIRDAY MORROW who gives Alligators Overhead a review.


  1. I never thought of the ideas I might have missed. My WIP idea hit out of nowhere, but I do get a lot from overhearing or observing people. Funny to think how many stories have come out of random chance!

  2. I'm with Nick on this one. I've never thought of the ideas that I've missed...but that's a REALLY intriguing thought.

    My idea came from a photo I found on Pinterest. Go figure :P

  3. My problem is I have too many ideas. Some people call it focusing issues. Off to Mark's blog.

  4. You get around!

    I get a lot of my ideas from the Daily Mail (a UK tabloid). Not sure I should be admitting that!

  5. Lee, you are a busy lady!

    My ideas come from everywhere. I got the idea for my middle grade novel from a tree branch that reminded me of a tiger. :)

  6. One came from walking by a river on an overcast day. It was the perfect mood for something and it just kicked my brain into gear.

  7. Ooh. Was just about to visit Mark! Hopping over there right now. :)

  8. Wow, full speed ahead, right?!
    My ideas come from all over the map. I do like to read the Science Times section of the NY Times, so some stuff percolates out from there.

  9. My ideas come from all over... once I copied a 14-digit number Sharpied on a water pipe in a restaurant... was it a phone number with an ext.?

    A secret code message?

    The serial number of the pipe?

    PS... Glad your car troubles are better and *thanks* for such a great interview:)

  10. Hi Lee,
    Most of my ideas come from memories and stories that I read or hear. I love that Stephanie and I have a weekly theme- as this is an excellent prompt for a creative outlet- and I love helping Fairday piece together the riddles every monday. We truly enjoyed reviewing Alligators Overhead and look forward to learning more about you and your fun story!
    Thanks : ) ~ Jess

  11. My last few ideas have come from strange dreams. A couple of manuscript ideas came from "what ifs". I like the dream ideas better. Good luck with the rest of the tour. :)

  12. very interesting writing topic--my writing usually comes from a feeling

  13. What a thoughtful post. So many things go into our writing--feelings, trips, time of day, etc. I'm sure my stories would go in different directions based on changes to these elements.


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