Monday, August 6, 2012

Protests Continue. Cats Demand Rewrite.

August 6

Hadleyville, U.S.A (AP)Hundreds  of protesters converged on the Hadleyville complex again last night. The "Howl In" began at midnight and continued until authorities arrived and arrested several of the more obstreperous cats.
"It's a 'rent-a-cat' strategy, pure and simple," the mayor declared. "And it must end."
Albert Wisecat seen here with his chief consort, Mitzi French in a more relaxed moment.
Albert Wisecat refuses to back down in his demands for a complete rewrite of Alligators Overhead. He went on record as saying, "Either she does a rewrite or we continue in our demands for this book to be banned."
Champion of the Undercat might be amenable to author's tuna offer.
The author, C. Lee McKenzie is holding her ground and refusing to bow to the pressure. "I've featured cats in both of my previous books. It's time for a change. I will not give in to their demands." She did offer to ease their pain and suffering by donating a case of dolphin safe tuna to the next Feline Familiar Conference. Champion of the Under Cat, aka Sly, agreed to take the offer to his constituents.
Meanwhile, the author is continuing in her book launch. She optimistically stated, "I'm sure the Feline Familiars will come to their senses and agree to stop this protest."
In an effort to overcome the mounting negative publicity, C. Lee Mckenzie is posting helpful hints on things she learned while preparing to launch this most recent and most controversial book.

"One thing about doing a book launch is you learn a lot and meet a lot of people who are willing to help you out. Here are a few things I've learned," she said during our interview.

  • Ask for "help-advice"when you need it.
  • Listen and take any 'help-advice" from those who are successful launching their books.
  • Don't rush. You're going to make a lot of mistakes anyway and rushing only increases the number of mistakes.
  • Organize your hop or your tour or your whatever. Linky is a good way to do that. It collects all the participants and their contact information in one place.
  • Have all your links and your posts as complete as possible, so you don't have to send additional information later. I know I like setting my posts up ahead of schedule, so it saves time if I only have to do that once for each post.
  • Remember, this is a network, so help others when they need it. 
  • Once your guest post is up, visit that page, tweet, post the link on fb and respond to the comments. That interaction helps you and your host. It widens your network of bloggers and readers.
  • Above all, enjoy the beejeebers out this event.  
If you can, leave more "help-advice" for us in a comment and if at all possible I'd appreciate letters to your congressmen and women supporting my fight against the unfair treatment by the  Federation of Feline Familiars.


  1. That's what I've learned as well.
    Tell that cats if they don't back down, you will put one in your book - as an alligator snack!

  2. Loving these cat-astrophic posts, CL! :) Also really appreciate your tips on book launching. Hip deep in plotting out my own, and I need all the pointers I can get. :)

  3. Those cats aren't going away! Maybe the tuna will help... :)

  4. I love this! Don't let those cats bully you. :)

  5. @Alex, you've given me an idea!

    @E. J. I love cat-astrophic!

    @Jemi Let's hope

    @Kelly Thanks. They are being quite the bullies.

    Thanks all.

  6. Cats are very persistence when they want something. I agree with Jemi, try some tuna.

  7. Poohy! I missed the linky sign up:( But I loved the help-advice and will be storing the info for future reference:)

  8. Great tips! And i love your cover. It makes me want to read the book.

  9. You gotta love those felines. I'm all giddy to be part of your book tour, my friend. And my review of Alligators is all ready to go whenever you want me to post it.

  10. All good tips! You're on my blog this WED!

  11. Hah! These cat posts kill me. :) Just let me know when/if you want to take over SYAW!

  12. Cats can be demanding. Don't give in or they'll always expect to get their way.

  13. *slips cats a piece of string to distract them*

  14. Wow, the Feline Familiars are quite a stubborn group, eh? Oh, accepting change is never easy. I love the two posts. Look forward to the next update. "Champion of the Undercat"..LOVE IT!

  15. Alligator snack? Hmm, Alex may be on to something.

  16. Puuurrrrfect. :)

    Those Feline Familiars are CATTY!

  17. This reminds me that my cats are plotting against me.

  18. "Above all, enjoy the beejeebers out this event."
    This one sounds the best to me, and it seems like that's exactly what you're doing! :-)

  19. Cats are so fickle. Mine are terrible editors to boot. Great advice here!

  20. Don't rush is the best advice.
    And lol at the cats. We've got to keep an eye on those crafty critters.

  21. This was very clever! You've really made your book tour fun, and I know it will continue! Julie


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