Monday, August 13, 2012

Alligators Overhead Swamp Hop Moseys On

Thank heaven today is Monday and not Friday. I'm a little superstitious and Friday 13 always gives me a case of the jumps. So since this is the beginning of the week and my usual time to blog, I'm feeling kind of back to normal . . . whatever that is.

The Swamp Hop is hoppin' and I believe there are FREE BOOKS involved here and there during the month of August.

Since I am now imbued with super powers and can be in two places at one time,  visiting two  different and very important bloggers.

One is BISH DENHAM on RANDOM THOUGHTS TODAY. I love visiting her blog because a lot of the time it's like a mini-vacation to the Virgin Islands. Bish has fascinating stories to tell about growing up in this island paradise. Hope you'll pop in and say hi, then follow her blog if you don't already.

JENN HUBBARD is hosting me, too, on her Books of our Youth series. I always enjoy her series. She features a lot of different writers who share their thoughts on one topic, so you get to know a bit about the writers who create the stories you love to read. Here's one of her super books.


  1. I'm totally happy to be slopping around in the mud with you!

  2. Yay! Your book looks awesome! Gotta love MG! :)

  3. Thanks for bringing your superpowers my way!

  4. What a cool trailer. Where did you find the reader's voice? Really good.

  5. Can't wait to have you over! I'll be finishing the book some time this week :) By the way, the trailer is awesome! I shared it on my post today.

  6. First of all- I love the trailer! It is awesome and so well done! Shows what a captivating story you have written. :)

    Looking forward to stopping by the other blogs. Thanks for mentioning them. Happy Monday!

  7. I'm enjoying your Swamp Hop posts. I look forward to you stopping by my blog Friday.

  8. I just read your wonderful post over at Jennifer's! I loved your trailer too! Julie

  9. Thanks all for the double visit today! I'm trying to get around to everyone to say hi. I'm a bit behind, but will catch up.

    Glad the trailer is okay. I was sweating it . . . a lot. Had trouble describing my witches, they kept turning up as glamorous!


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