Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year--Goodbye 2011--Welcome to 2012

January is the beginning of a new year and the ending of an old one. It's appropriately named after the god of the gates, Janus.  Now's when we can look back through this brief portal of time to that year we've just left and consider what we did or didn't do in those 365 days. Then we can look ahead to the year we've entered and be excited about the possibilities of those next days yet to reveal themselves. 

I love the idea of a fresh start and I wish I could tidy up the old year so that I there were no loose ends to attend to, but that isn't how life works, is it? Life is a bit sloppy, so as I start out in this first month, when I look back through the gate there are a few unfinished items I'll have to carry forward with me.

Here's what I didn't finish in 2011.

I haven't finished writing that book the way I intended.
I haven't read the twenty-five books I have on my list.
I haven't cleaned the tile grout.
I haven't written to all of my friends to tell them how important they are to me.

I don't make resolutions anymore, so I can't make a list of all that I WILL do in 2012, but here's a wish list.

I wish for health.
I wish for strength.
I wish for the ability to accept, not judge.
I wish for someone to clean that tile grout.

What are you carrying forward into 2012 from 2011? Do you make resolutions? What are they? Or do you have a wish list? Share if you can and if you have any tile grout help, please send that to me.

Not really my grout . . . not yet!



  1. Happy New Year! I do make a to-do list for the year, but haven't made it yet, lol. Wishing you a grout free year...!

  2. Cleaning grout is overrated!
    Life IS sloppy. That's what makes it interesting.

  3. Happy New Year! I cringed at the sight of that tub. I'm not a huge cleaner except when I'm procrastinating. I've been doing that all week. Just did the garage today! A clean start to the new year for me. I want to write a short story each month and revise three of my novels this year.

  4. Thanks for posting that grout photo, because my tubs look sparkling in comparison.
    One less thing to do today, ha ha.
    Happy new year!

  5. Phew, what a relief to know that is not your tile grout. For a while there, I was wondering who you really were. :-) I hope 2012 is a great year for you.

  6. I like the idea of a wish list. :) Hmm, I think that grout picture could be paired with one of those audio clips going, "Dun, dun, dunnnnnnn!" ;) Happy New Year!

  7. I hear you on the grout. A great list you made.

    New Years is kind of reinvigorating, isn't it? Like you said, a fresh start.

    Happy 2012!

  8. I resolve not to clean the grout!

    Although I will tell you that someone recommended bleach pens to me. She says they do wonders. But I haven't had the chance to try them myself, so [insert disclaimer here].

  9. Bleach pens, Jennifer says! That sounds like a winning solution.
    Now if I only could use bleach pens for all my life's messes...
    Happy 2012 to you, Lee.

  10. OMG that picture actually frightened me!! LOL. I hope all your wishes come true. :D Happy New Year!! Oh and I'm so excited! I got your book in the mail yesterday!

  11. Happy, happy New Year, Lee! I love the funny comment you left on my post. You always have the best stories! Gosh, those things you did sound like stuff I do all the time, too! LOL! I have a million things to accomplish in the new year and lots of loose ends to tie up. I hate cleaning tile grout, too. Blech! And I'm so happy for you that the tub in the photo isn't your grout! Yucko!

  12. Haha! I make my husband clean the grout. He does it better. I just spray it with the cleaner and leave! Same resolutions, different year. Happy New Year!

  13. My family was horrified when they saw that picture of the bathtub gone rotten.
    "People will think that's ours!" they screamed.
    "Okay. Okay Already. I'll never do that again."

    Sheesh! They're so sensitive. It was a joke, people.

  14. Happy New Year!
    I was so happy when you left your comment on my blog. Your Tagalog and Spanish aren't bad at all. :) I hope you get all your wishes this year, and I hope you manage to cross off all the things on your to do list. :)


  15. Oh my gosh you scared me there for a moment!!! Actually I think I will blame you if I have nightmares tonite!

    I like the idea of a wish list instead of resolutions. Then you don't have to feel guilty about them!

  16. Ooh, it was so poetic & lyrical until that tub photo threw me for a loop. Funny stuff!!! Unless it's your tub.
    Write more, write every day is my hope for 2012.

  17. Happy New Year!
    I have some good writing and nonwriting goals for 2012.
    My minigoal for today I did not reach. I wanted to get all the Christmas decorations down. I did get the ornaments and lights off the tree. Will finish the rest tomorrow! :)

  18. Oh Kelly, de-decorating is sooo much harder than putting all that sparkly stuff up. I'm in the same position. Tomorrow ALL comes down.

    Ha, Catherine! That has thrown everyone for a loop. Even me. Shudder.

    Glad the wish list worked, Margo. Somehow it seems better than RESOLUTIONS. They seem so hard.

  19. Love the idea of a wish list. I always write resolutions at the end of my new diary (it's a book thing that older people use instead of electronic stuff) so that I can see them at the end of the year and hang my head in shame. But no more. I will write a wish list so that there will be no guilt in not doing them.

    I'd come round and do your grout for you if you lived closer, honest :)

    Happy New Year.

  20. Happy New Year! Okay, off to clean my shower. That picture just disturbed me. LOL

  21. Ah, what a soothing bathtub picture: "See, I don't have to clean my grout yet, it's not that bad, why you could EAT out of my tub by comparison..." :)


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