Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Being Published

I just had my second book published. My second book! Good grief, as Charlie B. would say. How great is that? Pretty great, I'd answer. It's something that I never thought I'd do, yet it happened. The first time it was so exciting, kind of like a first kiss. What could be more perfect? The second time is still darned good. I don't think I'll ever take for granted that I'm published--that I have an ISBN recorded in this world of books. I am grateful. I am hooked. I want more and I plan to get more.

One thing you get to do when you write books is meet other people who write them too. Here's a bit of ALA in San Diego where I signed with another writer, Selene Castrovilla. 

Kami Garcia, Cindy Pon, Carrie Ryan, Cheri Williams dropped by our booth to say hello, so that made the experience even more exciting. I love that I know writers. They are special.


  1. ooh, I got goosebumps just seeing you two grinning from ear to ear. That is WAY beyond cool!

  2. I saw a photo on Cindy's blog with you signing at ALA! It must've been so fun to be there, and I wasn't even in my hometown to witness it!

  3. Congratulations Lee! May you have many more.

  4. Congrats, Lee! Looks like an amazing event, too!


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