Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning On the Job

First, I have to say thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who have featured or reviewed Princess of Las Pulgas. The links are there in my sidebar. I'll be adding more it seems because there are a lot of very busy book bloggers. Bless them!

I've been busy since this book released and it's been great to talk to readers and meet booksellers. This week I met a great Children's Event Coordinator, Colleen Ross at Books Inc.  Here we at the signing. 

What I've found is that as a new author I may have a few people at my signings, but connecting with the booksellers is not only great because they love books, but, if they like your book, they are the people who can help you with your promotion. I've learned a few other things about appearances and I'm sure I'll be learning more, but I thought I'd share a few pointers I've picked up along the way.

*Go to your presentation (reading, book signing, workshop, discussion) on time and prepared.

*You don't have to do a song and dance for your audience, but think of ways to make your talk or exchange with the people interesting. Include them by having some questions of your own. "How many of you write?" "Does anyone here keep a journal?" 

*If other authors attend to support you, introduce them. They'll appreciate it and the readers will enjoy meeting other authors.

*Even if you have one person in attendance do your best at presenting your book and yourself. In one case I heard about, the one person who showed up at a friend's signing turned out to be a school superintendent who recommended the author's book in his district.

*Invite your friends, of course, and start a mailing list for signings, so you can evite or direct email readers to future events.

*If you can include other authors in your signing, do. Having two or three presentations often creates more interest and gathers more people. 

*When possible, offer to do a short workshop as part of your signing. 

*Above all enjoy the time you spend with your readers. I think I was enjoying something here. Probably something someone said that made me laugh. 

Here are some friends after the signing. We turned this event into a great party and reunion. That made the evening very special.

None of what I've written is new, but sometimes it helps to see a list of suggestions from someone who's learning on the job. I'm sure I'll learn more as I go along and when I do, I'll share.


  1. Great tips, C.Lee. And I love your photos. It gives us an up and close view of you. Yay!

    Thank you.

  2. great tips! so glad you're having the opportunity to learn! (And I KNOW I'll need this advice... some day.)

  3. Preparation and enjoyment of those around you: great advice. Keep posting more tips!

  4. Great tips, Lee. Glad it's going so well!

  5. Congratulations. It's always nice to see these tips. I'm not an entertainer when it comes to a live audience, and I always worry about my presentations being fun enough. Thanks!

  6. I'm glad the list is helpful. Hoping I can come up with more tips as I stumble through the process.

  7. Great ideas. Kinda makes me wish I was a writer.

  8. I'm just super grateful you're a discerning reader!

  9. I always think the most daunting part of writing a book is the book signing! I'd be so scared nobody would turn up. Ekkkk, I'll be having nightmares! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your signing experiences and reflecting on them. Very helpful information.

  11. The book signings aren't too scary, but I'm coming up to a school visit next month and that's got my scare meter rising.

  12. Looks like you're having a wonderful time, Lee! So happy for you ... may your book enjoy a long and happy life! :)

  13. I love what you said about being just as gracious if there is just one person in attendance. Great advice!


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