Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet Rhonda Stapleton

While I'm pounding away on that ghost story and trying to ignore my edgy YA, I thought I'd pop in an interview with an old friend. RHONDA STAPLETON and I met at the 2009 Debutantes and since then she's published three books! Congratulations, Rhonda and thanks for stopping by to chat.

Me: You're about to see book number three on bookstore shelves across the U.S. Did you set out to write all of these books or did this wonderous thing happen without pre-planning?

Rhonda: I actually wrote it as just one book, but my editor thought it would make a great trilogy. Which is, of course, the coolest thing ever! So we worked together to come up with how to make the story arc continue over a three-book series.

Me: That is cool. Aren't editors the smartest critters you ever met? I adore them

Tell us about Stupid Cupid, Flirting with Disaster and your latest one, Pucker Up. Can you give us a tiny preview of what we'll find when we buy your book?

Rhonda: The trilogy is about a teenage girl who uses handheld technology to make love matches for her high school, sending special emails to her targets. However, she reeeeeally stinks at it. haha. But her heart is in the right place, and she keeps on trying.

Me: I've been blogging about this thing called the writing process and the comments I'm getting are interesting. What's your process? What works best for you when you're starting or in the middle? Any advice for those of us who might be stuck somewhere in this creative act?

Rhonda: My biggest thing is to keep pushing forward. My inner editor will cry out continually to go back and fix everything, that it's not good enough and that I need to clean it up. But I let my writer play first. I can't edit what I haven't written!

Me: Thank you for that. I just blogged about that very thing on Monday. I think we can keep saying this over and over and still not say it enough.

What is it about Rhonda Stapleton that makes her so . . . bubbly?

Rhonda: It's a deadly combination of caffeine, natural craziness, sugar, chocolate, and genetics. haha

Me: I'm imagining one of your family gatherings! That should be a riot . . . in the very best of senses.

So readers, grab these books. Enjoy a "bubbly" experience. The covers alone tell you these are fun. We need some fun, don't we? Here's your chance. Stupid Cupid, Flirting with Disaster, Pucker Up.

Also stop in at Rhonda's Blog for some cheering up. Tell her hello for me.

Next Wednesday I'll have another author stopping by to give you some relief from my angst ridden writer posts. See, I think of you readers. :-)


  1. Yay, thanks for having me on here! :D

  2. My high school girls would love these! I'll have to get them for my class library. :-)

  3. It's fun to have you here, Rhonda. Good luck on your latest book.

  4. Terrific interview of Rhonda. Best wishes for both your continued successes!

  5. Love the concept of the books! And the editor who suggested the trilogy sounds brilliant! :)

  6. You're right about that, Jemi. Rhonda's got a great editor.

  7. A trilogy -- the format just sounds exotic, intriguing, like something I must pursue. Have always wanted to write a trilogy myself, waiting for the right inspiration. Thanks for sharing this interview. Enjoy your weekend from Sunny Room Studio!

  8. I've thought about a series of some sort, but I can't quite get my head wrapped around a project of that length. The way Rhonda did it seems the best plan, at least for me.


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