Thursday, September 3, 2009


Coming into fall and the end of my Outdoor Blogging posts. I hear sighs of relief out there. This is my last one, so just pretend you've enjoyed my attempts at abandoning the computer chair for more time out in the real world.

Inspite of the drought I've managed to keep some flowers alive. These Dahlias aren't fabulous, but they do give me some cut flowers. The rest of the garden is planted in either Mediterranean (drought resistant) or native plants. No water=no roses or fuchsias. It's way past time for California to take heed and switch from those water guzzlers to plants that need little to no water in the dry season.

Now, coming tomorrow will be an Interview with Sydney Salter, so if the flower stuff is creeping you out, take a look tomorrow when Sydney talks about her new book, Jungle Crossing.


  1. *Sob* I love the outdoor posts! They've been like little retreats and I'll miss them.

  2. Those dahlia's are beautiful. I wish I had a green thumb. or even a green pinky.

  3. I must get a new camera. This one definitely does not do the job I'd like it to do.

    Glad I tested it out here.

    Thanks for the comments.


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