Monday, August 3, 2009

More about Translation Treachery

So after evading the "tilket" and "rarers" conundrum, I made my way to a park. Surely, I reasoned, I'd have no problems there.

I'd crossed the grass and was sitting comfortably under the shade of a tree when a guard (unarmed, but uniformed and cross-armed) came up and pointed to this inscribed rock. 

He barked a few words that sounded like, "Hey, dummy whatcha think you're doin'?" That was the tone anyway and now he was jabbing his finger at the words on the rock. Well, I couldn't understand the Chinese characters and I couldn't understand the English ones either. So I shrugged, got up and left. 

What's your translation?


  1. Okay, now I'm laughing myself silly!

    Get a room!

  2. Well, it's easy to laugh when you're not escaping a guy in a brown uniform who is shaking his fist at you! I'm telling you I lost weight on this trip--running.


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