Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Contest #4

So what will it be this time? We've had three "Opening Lines" contests so far with some super entries. This time I thought I'd take a poll. What do you want?

1. Opening Lines . . . again

2. The best Query Letter

3. The "Knock-Your-Socks-Off Synopsis

4. The Best Single-Sentence Characterization

5. The One-Paragraph Description that leaves the reader breathless

Let's have your votes.


  1. I vote for either 'Best Single Sentence Characterization' or 'The One-Paragraph Description that leaves the reader breathless' in that order.

    Never written a query letter actually XD

  2. I second Lexie's vote. (Not that I'm sure I can write either, but it would be worth trying)

  3. Just keep in mind you're up against three tough judges, ages 14-18. They don't let anything slide, even my prose gets raked over the coals, even if I promise dessert.

  4. Best single sentence characterization

  5. Hmm, tough choice, Lee. I'm going with either Best Single Sentence or Synopsis.

  6. So it looks like we're heading for the best single sentence on this round. I'll give a few more days for others to return from their Bahama vacations; then I♠'ll do a final tally.

    Now about the prize. We needs a prize. Besides lottsa $$$$$ what do you wonderful entrants want? Remember I'm a struggling artist, so keep your requests real, okay?

  7. I vote for 4 or 5. Prize? How about a book from your Shelfari shelf?

  8. The best single sentence gets my vote, too.



  9. Best single sentence characterization this month and one paragraph description for the next. As for a prize, how about a critique of a first chapter?

    Thanks for doing this! You're the best!


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