Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taschima Visits The Write Game

Taschima is a teen reader and reviewer. She said she was interested in GUEST BLOGGING, and so here's what happened.

Me: Here's what fascinates me on your blog:

"You know what I think, I think I was born in the wrong time. You know why? CAUSE TEENAGERS SUCK! they are pretty stupid, I mean not all of them, I LOVE YOU GEEKS AND BOOKWORMS!, but other than us, what the hell is happening with the world? we instead of getting smarter by generation are getting more stupid with every baby that's born - and let me tell you, there's lots of baby's - , Ill get back to you on this topic..."

How about getting back to that topic on my blog? My character, Shawna, would love to know what you write. Here are some questions she might ask--that is after the end of my book, not during because she's not interested in anyone while her story is being told.

Me: If this is the wrong time, what time would you choose to be born in? How come? Hmm good question.

Taschima: I really don't know, I guess this is the best time to be born in, till now, really. Back in the day people were worse. Segregation, racism, homophobia... every one of these things were worse. I just can't stand people who are close-minded, and can't get with the program. We are in the 21st centurie! Get a clue!

Me: What makes a kid smart in your opinion? I mean, is it the way they act or what they say? Maybe it's about who they hang with?

Taschima: Smart by the dictionary means characterized by sharp quick thought; bright, clever, etc. I think you need more, you see when I used smart in that I meant bright, knows things and stuff, but also I meant the people who are more out of the box. People who get it, who don't get scared just because they are facing the unknown. It's got nothing to do with who you hang out with, it's both what you say and how you act really.

Me: How come you read what you do? What makes you pick up a book and then stick with it?

Taschima:I read what I do! lol I review that's what I do, and thus I read. What makes me pick up a book generally it's the cover (I'm ashamed of myself I know) and sometimes the back of the book, the description. What actually makes me stick to it are the characters, and the plot. If the characters are boring there's no way Im reading the book, I need a funny character, thats a given. I need my sarcastic/smart-ass also. About the plot it has to have an original plot that captivates me. Also the book get's extra points in my book it's involved with the supernatural or paranormal hehe.

I really hope I did good hehe ^^

Yep. You did good, Taschima. Thanks for the visit.


  1. LOVED the interview! She sounds like a really strong, neat kid.


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