Monday, June 29, 2009

and . . . The Winner Is, Huh? What? How many?

Oh dear. The first set of judges narrowed the field to five. The final judge narrowed it to three! This just means we have some very good Opening Lines entries--some excellent writers on board.

So what to do?

I've decided to do a dual-first-prize. That means two people will win this round. And who are the winners?

Kathleen Elizabeth you are ONE:
"I’m not crazy. I promise. I don’t talk to walls, pet my invisible cat named Sugar, dance on tables in the cafeteria, or try to channel John Lennon’s wondering spirit through dollar store crystals"

And Bish Denham you are ONE as well!
"The funeral was yesterday. Afterwards they drove me 324 miles away to a small town in the Hill Country. They’ve put me in one of those temporary shelters until they can find a place for me. There are fourteen kids here. It’s noisy and crowded. I hate it. I haven’t said a word to anyone."

Contact me at cleemckenziebooks AT comcast DOT net and send me your snailmail addresses.

Whew! I am so glad this is decided. I need a vacation. Contests are hard because these darned contestants are so GOOD!


  1. WOW Lee! I'm thrilled, honored. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations Bish and Kathleen. Now I'll be waiting to read the books that come from those opening lines. They're great!


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