Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Convention of Lees

Last week Lee McKenzie contacted me (Lee McKenzie) to ask if I minded her using my name and picture on her blog. She wanted to post about all the people named Lee McKenzie who were in the arts.

"No, I'd love it!" I said. And here is her post. It was quite interesting to read about all the talented women who share my name.


  1. That is interesting!
    I don't think there is another Kelly Polark, but there's a Kelley Polar that is a musician!

  2. Very interesting! So far I haven't run into another Bish Denham, for which I'm grateful as more than one of us running around might cause havoc.

  3. Hi, Lee! Thanks for sharing the link to my post about the other Lee McKenzies of the world! Getting to know these other Lees has been a lot of fun!


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