Monday, November 3, 2008


Since I'm still in twist about this picture on my book thing, I was trying to remember how I used to look at pictures of writers on books when I was young. Did their age or lack of it have any bearing on my choosing to read their writing? I can't remember.

Then I went to my book shelves and studied the pictures of authors. Stephen King always looks eerie, so that fits. Wallace Stegner looks old and authorly. Robert Penn Warren looks like he just came out of a cave. Carl Sagan looks international which is good even though he probably should look more universal. And I loved Nora Ephron's picture on the back of her book, I Feel Bad About My Neck. She has pulled up a turtle neck to just below her eyes!! I'm wondering if I can do that? It would certainly save on air-brushing!


  1. Good luck with the picture! I so remember Judy Blume's picture on her books when I was young...She looked friendly to me.

  2. LOL! The comment about the airbrushing and turtle neck cracked me up! :0)

    have you looked at Bruce Coville's jacketflap picture? He looks like a goofball. That fits too. :0)



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