Sunday, November 30, 2008


So last night this dream happened. The reason it's sticking with me is that I've never dreamed this kind of dream before. I have some regulars: flying, getting stuck so I can't move even when I try, searching for something in the dark. This one is waaay odd.
I've just shopped. That alone is weird for me. I'm not a shopper. So I have these packages and they are inside slick plastic and they slide around. I put them down on a fence, try to climb over the fence, knock the packages off into a . . . canal (where that came from I'll never know.) filled with passing open boats. These packages land in a boat. I race to another boat and beg the guy to take me back to the boat with my packages. He can't understand me. Why? He's Chinese and doesn't speak English. Still I wave my arms a lot and he gets the idea, so off we go to find my packages. We pull up alongside a boat, but it's the wrong one. In fact, (wait for it) it's a funeral boat. There's a body laid out with beautiful flowers, lots of people standing along the canal crying. Now this is interesting, right? I may have a plot going here. So what does my brain do? It wakes up.

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