Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thinking about Writing and

not doing a darned thing about it. I've spent this entire day darting around the web, trying to figure out if I'm doing enough to show that I'm a soon-to-be published person . . . with a book that has been bumped up to come out sooner than expected . . . with an editor that says my book's good enough that she wants it out NOW, that I'm a good writer (how often have I had that experience?). Up to this year it's been "Thank you, but no thank you." Fellow writers, I hate that, don't you?

This marketing stuff is very frustrating because when I'm clicking on websites, my brain is on freeze as far as creative energy goes. My characters might as well have R.I.P. over their heads and the plot, well where did that go? I won't even address dialog.

So I'm contenting myself with a journal entry, looking at the advertising column at my right with Angelina Jolie's stupendous lips and thinking about, hmmmm, lips.

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