Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hashtag Insecurity

The Insecure Writers Support Group

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Optional Question: Have you ever surprised yourself with your writing? For example, by trying a new genre you didn't think you'd be comfortable in?

My short answer: Yes. My long answer: Yes, and I'm now sure I don't want to do that anymore. I have enough insecurity without doubting my own good judgement, going counter to it, and failing. Please!

Here's a bit about insecurity that I liked reading.
  According to Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., practicing psychologist in Mill Valley, California up to 40% of our "happiness quotient" is based on our recent life events. 

She writes that "since unhappiness also influences your self-esteem, failure and rejection can deliver a double whammy to your confidence."

I think she's talking to writers, don't you? I mean her message is spot on. And here's more from Dr. Greenberg.

"Persevering despite setbacks can lead to eventual successes—which raise your self-esteem.  Before becoming president, Abraham Lincoln lost his job, was defeated for nomination to Congress, and failed at least twice in Senate bids." 

Doesn't all of this sound as if you've heard it and HEARD IT? Yes. But maybe that's okay. Maybe repetition is necessary to keep us on track. Ergo, this regular every first Wednesday post! 

Another reminder: I'm ready to take a break, so if I can't get around to everyone, my apologies, but I'm packing and fretting and being insecure about SECURITY and my FLOTATION DEVICE that I'll supposedly find under my airplane seat. Then there's my passport and my Global Entry number. . .Well, you can see that it's not only writing that generates insecurity in me.

Did you see that The Insecure Writers' Group has something special coming up for you? Another chance to be a published author is coming. You can submit your Crime/Thriller/Mystery story for publication. The theme is TICK TOCK. Look for DETAILS starting September 6.

Are you jumping into the next contest? What's your happiness quotient these days? See you in November with my "slide show" from France and Texas. You can hardly wait, right?

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day & Break Time for The Write Game

The End of Summer Holiday
is here! Enjoy your barbecue and your gathering. Thank Mr. Maguire for creating this holiday back in 1882. 

Show Us Your Writer Insecurity
October 4, 2017
Post a picture of yourself or avatar with some of the #IWSG Swag or Logo. Members with the most pride will win some prizes.

Third place – EBook of A Change of Mind and Other Stories by Nick Wilford, eBook of The Remnant by William Michael Davidson, eBook of Cling to God by Lynda R. Young, eBook of Already Home by Heather M. Gardner, and eBook of Dragon of the Stars by Alex. J. Cavanaugh.

Second place – The entire eBook collection of the Totem series by Christine Rains, eBooks of Princess of Las Pulgas by C. Lee McKenzie, audio book of CassaSeries by Alex J. Cavanaugh, eBook of Black and White by Nick Wilford, and your choice eBook from J.L. Campbell.

Grand prize winner - IWSG website interview, IWSG newsletter spotlight, IWSG pinned tweet for one week, C. Lee McKenzie's Featured Follower for the month, the IWSG Goodreads book club eBook for October/November, a short chapter critique, and a pair of IWSG erasers.

We have some great IWSG swag – pens, mugs, magnets, erasers, etc. Proceeds go to fund the upkeep of the IWSG site. 

The crops are in this month and I'm eating vegetables! The taste of those from garden to table is the reward for all that labor that started in March. 

I'm going to have to catch all of this excitement on the run. I'm taking a break this month starting 27th and October. A trip back to France has been calling me for several years, so I'm packing and getting ready to take off. I'm no sooner back from France, than I'm off to Texas for a wedding. I've set up my #IWSG posts, and I'll have to catch up with everyone when I return. 

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

I'll regale y'all with the details--mishaps (there's always those), inspiring moments (I pray for these), and my new boots (gotta buy some in Austin this time).

Quote of the Week: "The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of those who have not viewed the world." Alexander von Humboldt, Naturalist

Monday, August 28, 2017

Meet Bouhaki, and then Let Me Tell You A Story


I had this short piece on my computer, and decided to publish it. The weather (hot), the wine (chilled). the day (long) all contributed to my decision.  

Also I was just edged out of first place in the August WEP by this cat person named Hatt (rhymes with cat), so I thought I'd better ramp up my cat game a bit. Congrats to him and to Hilary as well. Applause to you both.

Thanks to Denise and Yolanda for the fun and the great themes.

Some of you know that I once lived in Vientiane, Laos. The stories I have tucked away from that experience fill a file drawer, and I don't expect to ever be able to set all of them down. But here's one that I thought might be fun.

Our kitchen and wash room were separate from the main house. Very sensible because of the heat. Alongside these rooms was an extra sleeping room, and I had a girl who lived there with her family. She worked for me, and over time, we became good friends. She taught me some Lao and I taught her some English. With only a few words, we created some interesting pidgin sentences, so we understood each other. I have lots of stories about when we didn't!

Late one night--her husband gone, my husband gone--a terrible sound came from the washroom. I grabbed the kitchen broom and was outside in a shot. I was sure we were in grave danger. Nong met me, carrying a garden rake. You can see why we got along. We both liked to be armed and ready. 

Holding our weapons out, we advanced on the wash room, but it was empty, except for the washing machine and some boxes. We waited, listening, but there was only silence. We no sooner backed out than that same sound froze us to the spot. Imagine a dinosaur trapped inside an 8 by 8 cement room and you've imagined what we heard coming from those dark recesses. Once we'd girded our loins, we advance shoulder to shoulder and banged on the side of the washing machine. 

That's when the dinosaur sprang. Two feet long. Very prehistoric. Quite cranky because of all of our whacking. The iguana came at us. Drop weapons. Run for life. Wedge selves in doorway. Scream. Un-wedge and head for the house.

I think the iguana decided he didn't care much for the chase and took off into the jungle where he could get a good night's sleep. It took a week before Nong or I had the courage to go into the washroom, and that happened only after one of our husbands checked behind the washing machine. 

Quote of the Week: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta, World Traveler