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AtoZBlogChallenge:Z is for Za



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Buddah carved from solid teak.

In the Burmese alphabet, the Za is written two different ways, according to the charts I saw. The two characters for Za are on the second line the third and fourth characters from the left.

A tonal language, written Burmese is over 1,000 years old. The tones aren't just simple pitch issues. Meaning changes with the duration a sound is held and whether the sound is voiced (e.g. Z) or voiceless (e.g. S). Good luck with those tones.

English is a Subject-Verb-Object language, but Burmese is Subject-Object-Verb, and to get really Linguistic on you, the Verbs can be "quasiagglutinative." So there you have it. Aren't you glad you read to the end?

And speaking of that. . .this is THE END. Adios AtoZChallege 2015! Now I'm off to collapse on the couch with my Burmese language tapes.

Question: What do you know about Yangon?

T 1. The Mons were the earliest inhabitants of the area now called Yangon. (The village Dagon was founded in the 6th century by the Mons.)

F 2. In the eighteen hundreds, the Burmese fought the British and won the battle of Yangon. (The Burmese lost badly. Only 7,000 of the 30,000 soldiers survived.)

Just in case you did some speed reading through my carefully prepared Z post, here it is again.

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  1. Burmese would be a challenging language to learn.
    And we're done! Did you have fun as a co-host this year?

  2. Quasi-what now? I have a hard enough time expressing myself in English! Hope you had a great month. I learned a lot.

  3. It was a crazy amount of fun... hosting, we see everything... :)

    "Z" we made it... thank you!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There's no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood... is Nuts?

  4. That sure sounds like a tricky language to learn! If I remember my high school Latin correctly, I think the verb was usually last, as well.

  5. That Buddha carving is stunning!

    This languor would be a hard one to learn.

    I can't wait to post my reflection post. :)

  6. Now that's a lot more than I knew before I read this. Having meanings changed based on duration of sound sounds complicated, but I guess the Burmese have it locked.

  7. That teak carving is just gorgeous! Yay for the A-Z being done! Time for a nap :)
    Katie @TheCyborgMom

  8. Interesting. Those letters look like they would be easier to write than Japanese. Have a great day. I have really enjoyed your A to Z posts.

  9. Za - cool word but sounds like a tricky language. Congrats on A to Z. I enjoyed your blog

  10. It sounds like a very tricky language. It's been a great AtoZ - thanks for all the info about Burma and the lovely photos. I've enjoyed all my visits :)
    Tasha's Thinkings | Wittegen Press | FB3X (AC)

  11. I've truly enjoyed learning about Burma, even though I didn't come every day. I know you are ready for a break. You've done good, Lee!

  12. Love the Buddah! I have some around my house.

  13. The buddah is quite the carving. Congrats on finishing your A-Z!!!

  14. Congrats on finishing your amazing A to Z topic! I think that languages are fascinating, but I'm terrible at pronunciation.

  15. Awesome post and photo's. Congratulations on completing the challenge.also thanks for supporting me.

  16. Hi Lee - love the teak Buddha .. such clever workmanship. Their language sounds worse than Cornish ... and Deniz was saying she wanted to do Welsh - I fall into Nick's category - English is bad enough .... and quasiagglutinative is just plain fun!! I'm off for a sleep too ... and a switch off ..

    I have loved seeing Burma and learning a few things along the way .. it's a part of the world I've never been to ... cheers and enjoy the zzzing .. congratulations - Hilary

  17. I've enjoyed your theme. That alphabet looks really complicated.

  18. Interesting. Looks about the way I go about creating languages.

    Congrats on surviving the challenge! :)

  19. This was a really great theme, and I learned a lot from it. Thank you! Looking forward to the reflections! :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary - Epics from A to Z
    MopDog - 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

  20. Congratulations on completing the A to Z. It is now nap time. I've enjoyed traveling through Burma with you.
    I'd never learn to read that language.

  21. I can't believe we did it! But we did. I've loved meeting some people and I've loved visiting some of my regular bloggers with interesting and informative themes. Now to reflect.

  22. Weeee! We did it, Lee. =D

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

  23. Interesting, will have to come back and read your other posts.I think my eyeballs fell out this morning.
    Maui Jungalow

  24. Burmese seems to be a fascinating language. I wonder if it's tonal in a similar way to Mandarin...

  25. Thanks for letting me know about the reflection posts. I, for one, am really happy I met you through the Challenge and hope we will stay in touch.

    Are you going back to Burma?

  26. J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge - where I am part of Arlee's A to Z Ambassador Team.
    Welcome to "Z-day"! (Time to watch the iZombie television series?)
    Hope to see you at the after party. I'm looking forward to when the Reflections Linky List opens on Monday May 4th.
    Where I'm from, "Za" is short for Pizza. So this post was interesting, teaching me a new meaning. Cool.
    -J @JLenniDorner

  27. What a fascinating subject you chose for this month. Congrats on finishing up the month and sharing so much information.

  28. Thanks for all your hard work in co-hosting this year's challenge! For sure you need a break now, huh? Great theme you had. Can't wait till next year. Hope to see you for the Reflections posts...
    All the best,
    Michele at Angels Bark

  29. Congratulations on completing the a to z Challenge!

  30. Hooray for Z!

    BTW, that would have made a good Q word.


  31. Oh boy that language seems difficult to me. Great way to end the A to Z

  32. Some confusing alphabet, that's for sure. :) I'm looking forward to the Reflections post. :) Thanks for your wonderful posts.

    Elizabeth Mueller
    AtoZ 2015
    My Little Pony

  33. Difficult language for people like us who do not understand but easy who knows.. Interesting alphabets they have

  34. I'm too old and tired to learn Burmese. But I enjoyed your insight!
    ~ We made it!!! ~
    Visit me at: Life & Faith in Caneyhead
    I am Ensign B of Tremps' Troops
    with the A to Z Challenge

  35. Congrats on reaching the A to Z finishing line!
    Thanks for your entertaining posts!
    I'm just sorry that I didn't come around as often as I would have liked to...

  36. quasiagglutinative...can't even say it, but it's interesting. Well done on surviving!

  37. Such an interesting post on language. I enjoyed all your posts on Burma. Congrats on finishing the challenge.

  38. HuzZAH! HuzZAH!
    Congratulations on completing the A to Z challenge for 2015.
    We made it! (I did 5 blogs this year for the series - all on different topics. Whew.)
    Thanks for stopping by at
    The Mane Point: A Haven for Horse Lovers . Hope you will visit again.

  39. Congratulations on finishing. That's awesome.

    Blogger doesn't make it easy to know what your link will be! I hope I guessed correctly. If not, oh well! My post will be up next Friday whether the reflections list knows it or not!

  40. Hey amazing author n' stuff, Lee,

    Next year, the idiotic alphabet will be done in the Burmese alphabet! Ha Ha and Za!

    In the meantime, now that you have become part of some weird alphabet cult, enjoy the next eleven months of doing your reflection posts. Then, hey and gosh, it will be April Fool's Day, 2016!

    Your starstruckest fan,

    Shy and humble Gary....

  41. Wow! I am always fascinated and usually in awe of other languages, especially ones with their own alphabets. I plan to learn French in the near future and I think that will be challenging enough, never mind Burmese!
    Brandy from Brandy's Bustlings
    P.S. Red is my favourite colour - in case my very RED blog hasn't given it away! Glad you enjoy stopping by.

  42. You made it! What a theme that was down the alphabetic Burma Road. Good job with that and what a fantastic Team member you have been to have by our sides.

    Thank you!

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Join us on May 4 with your post of Reflections about this year's A to Z.
    Tossing It Out

  43. You did a fabulous job as tour guide, and A to Z co-host extraordinaire! It was fascinating learning all about Burma! I really appreciate all of your visits too, Lee!


  44. Huge congrats for completing the A-Z! That's such a big accomplishment as was marshaling your Muffin Commandos. I loved the posts about Burma. this one is no exception. That second Z symbol looks like an eyeball with trailing nerves; it's still alive and looking at things! Creepy! Yeah, this is why I write horror - I can imbue any innocent thing with the creep factor. Have a restful weekend - you deserve it. :)

  45. Real interesting, many thanks for sharing!

  46. Hey C. Lee! I am just blitzing through for the A-to-Z Roadshow. I really enjoyed reading your posts on Burma. They were entertaining and informational! I did the challenge over at Promptly Written. My new blog is The Rattling Bones. I signed up for your email list and look forward to your posts. See you next April! ~Lori~


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