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Celebrating the Small Things, Double Negative on Tour and Hat's Off Corner to Darby Karchut



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Small things become really big when you visit countries that don't have things you take for granted everyday. Here's what I'm celebrating today.


Double Negative went on tour this week. If you have time, would love it if you'd stop in and wave at some of the Reviewers who hosted me. You might want to note their URLs for future use.

Contagious Reads

Reading to Distraction

Archaeolibrarian-I dig good books!

lushbookreviews: The Young Folks

Hat's Off Corner

Darby Karchut has a new book out and has a tour going that I couldn't take part in. But I wanted to join in somehow and show you her book because her tour is still on and it's not too late to stop by the blogs to say hi and wish her good luck.

Monday, Nov. 17
Tuesday, Nov. 18: 
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Wednesday, Nov. 19: 
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Friday, Nov. 21:
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Friday, Nov. 28:
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Hope you'll visit the others in the Celebrate the Small Things Hop and visit one of the blogs on Darby's Tour! Yay for the good old USA. Yay for writers and readers everywhere.


  1. It is amazing the everyday things we take for granted. Glad you are back to posting again!


    1. Thanks YV. And I'm the same way. Travel helps reminds to be grateful.

  2. Looks like an amazing tour set up for Double Negative!!!

    You know, I totally take clean water for granted (and more). I have to remember that I am very blessed.

    1. I know what you're saying. Great to see your comment, Kelly.

  3. My daughter currently living in Morocco has learned to not take some things for granted like hot water and being allowed to look a man in the eye.

  4. Thank you, sweetie, for the shout out. And yes to small blessings. You reminded me of all the great things I have in my life, like friends like YOU!

  5. Hi Lee - fresh water and humane care for animals - all essential and we're so lucky we have them. Good luck with your double negative tour ... and I'll look in - cheers Hilary

  6. I'll check out the blog tour stops. Congratulations on kicking off your blog tour!

  7. There is nothing like visiting a foreign country to make you grateful for the small conveniences of home!

  8. It's interesting to know what we oft take for granted. And congrats to you for your blog tour :-)

  9. Congrats to Darby on her new release! I visited the four Double Negative review stops - very supportive reviews. Yay!

    If Americans had to live in a 3rd world country for a few years, they'd be far more appreciative about everything they have in the States and stop complaining so much. People in 3rd world countries aren't simply "just like us" but without as much money; they have a completely different value system and many traditions that may seem ridiculous to us. And the biggest difference is they zealously resist new information and change, preferring to keep their traditions no matter what. Not all , of course, but the majority, which is what makes democracy as dangerous as authoritarianism.

    Sorry for the rant, but I feel Americans (including the gov't) have no clue what the reality "on the ground" is in other countries. They're sure they have the moral high ground and everyone should logically accept the "right" ideas - the US ones - and if they don't, the US will withdraw funds or make sanctions to bully them into it. The US (arguable the most charitable country in the world) is considered a bully by 75% of the world's countries, and no one in the US has any idea that's the case.

    Again, sorry for the rant.

  10. So true. Last month I visited The Gambia, where most people don't even know if they're going to eat that day or not. I really feel blessed now.

  11. How much we take water for granted since we have it through our taps, we can buy bottled or one big container, we bathe every day and think nothing of it and we all have toilets...often more than one. I love animals so nice to see this here as well. Many do not have the ability to care for their animals due to poverty and they often need the animals like cows or goats. In this time, we should be thankful for what we don't even think twice about and often throw away and that includes our beautiful animals

  12. Those are excellent things to celebrate! I did a fundraiser for World Vision a few years ago to donate clean water to those who need it. Very worthwhile cause!

  13. Yes, clean water is priceless. We take it for granted until we don't have it. And animals, I'm such an animal lover and hate to see them mistreated.
    Will take a look at your book tour. Congrats.
    And Darby's book is awesome.
    So nice to have you back.

  14. Happy touring to you and Darby. I appreciate clean water and I help animals when I can.

  15. It's far too easy to take certain things for granted. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  16. Greetings Lee,

    I'm wishing you all the very best with your tour, my kind friend. No doubt, there will be party balloons and lots of cakes.

    My hat's off to Darby. Okay, I'm actually wearing that Canadian of head wear, a toque.

    Although there are a lot of places in this world that endure great hardship, have poor sanitary facilities, poor medical resources and inadequate drinking water, I'm actually appalled by America and the way it treats its most vulnerable. A country that knowingly allows people to become homeless. I have interacted with many an American who tells me of heartbreaking stories.

    In peace, your friend and still starstruckest fan,


    1. Yep. We have a ton of bad habits over here. And I see no turning them around any time soon.

  17. Clean water and humane care for animals are things to appreciate, for sure! It's hard to imagine ever living without them...

  18. Clean water is definitely something we take for granted! Congrats to Darby! And have a good tour!

  19. I agree that clean water should be celebrated! Too often people take it for granted because of our access to it, but too many people in the world don't have access to clean water. Thanks for sharing! :)


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