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Celebrating Small Things: My Book Launch and Broken Branch Falls by Tara Tyler



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I'm celebrating something that's small in the scheme of things, but exciting for me. 

My Young Adult novel, DOUBLE NEGATIVE, officially goes on sale today.

Sixteen-year-old Hutch McQueen is shackled by near illiteracy and trapped in a dysfunctional family. When he tries to escape, he chooses the wrong way and lands in juvenile hall.  He might have a another chance if he listens to the priest and the teacher.

You can enter to win a free copy or some Amazon money for a shopping spree.

I waved my magic wand, and am now in four places at once today. Come visit me at MEDEIA SHARIF'S today. We're talking. Then DARBY KARCHUT  and TBM are featuring me at their special spots in the universe. And YVONNE VENTRESCA is letting me go a bit about writing stuff. How lucky can an author be? I launch and I'm hosted by four really super people. 

On Sunday, July 27 the magical two, JESS and STEPHANIE are hosting me at their Author Tracker blog.


So much for celebrating the Small Things, now let's celebrate the Big Things, like books for kids!

Available Now  Amazon 
Let me just get this over with and tell everybody how jealous I am of Tara's cover. There. I feel so much better.

So today I’m having a very different kind of guest. Everybody seated? Ready? Good. Now let me pass the GGs around. 

"Huh?" Crowd response.

Oh, What are GGs? Lee nudges her guest who is somewhat green (get over it) and small (get over that, too).

Gabe, you tell them what GGs are and that will get our conversation off to an, ahem, interesting start.

Gabe: I thought everybody knew GGs were Goblin Goodies. 

Lee: Well, not everybody. But now that you point it out. . . In fact, now that you’ve answered my first question, I’m thinking you’re not really as nurdie as you say you are. I think we need a Nerd Test. Are you up for that? 

Gabe: ​Uh, sure. I hope I will prove I'm not a nerd.​

Lee: I’ll just fire off a few questions and you answer them as best you can. At the end, I’ll tally all your “correct” answers--answers only a true nerd would know--and we’ll see what the results are.

What day is National Nerd Pride Day? A real Nerd would know this one.

Gabe: ​I didn't know there was such a thing. How about May 4th. (It's Star Wars Day - get it? May the 4th be with you... 

Lee: Oye! I'm afraid you're more nerdy than not. So here's question two. If a Nerd wears glasses, would he 

a) let them slide down his nose and leave them there
b) tape them if they broke
c) buy the latest fashion
Gabe: I'd have to say "b" - I had to help my friend Darvis tape his after an unfortunate flugelhorn incident.​

Lee: Oh yes. The *cough, cough* flugelhorn incident. Onward.

What did the nuclear physicist have for lunch? 

a)cesium salad
b)fission chips
c)atomic barbecue
Gabe: Those all sound...interesting.​ I'm going to have to go with "b" again - I don't like salad and atomic barbecue sounds like Troll fodder - no one wants that nuclear reaction!

Lee: I agree with that observation. Now for the last nerd determining question.

Rainbow suspenders are 

a) neato
b) uninteresting
c) expensive 
Gabe: ​Rainbows are cool, so I bet rainbow suspenders are "a" - neat!​

Lee: It seems you are truly a Nerd. Congratulations. But how is a Goblin Nerd different from say your average teenaged human one?  Or are there any differences? 

Gabe:​ Well, I've never met a human, only read about them. The books say human teens ​are lazy and like to put each other down to make themselves feel better. Here is the definition of a nerd - a person who behaves awkwardly around other people and usually has unstylish clothes, hair, etc. ; a person who is very interested in technical subjects. That about sums me up, so if a human teenage nerd is that way, then, we're pretty similar...

Lee: ​Hmm. Very interesting. Would you like to leave us with some special Broken Branch Falls wisdom a la Gabe the Nerd?

Gabe: I would like to point out that we shouldn't be judged by appearances, but by how we behave and treat each other. What's on the inside is what matters. Just because I'm smart, thin, and awkward doesn't ​mean I should be pushed around! Nerds unite!

And there you have it. But not yet. Be sure to buy Gabe's book. Hope you do. BTW are you a nerd? How many questions did you get right? Be sure to join my giveaway. 

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

One last thing. Here's my kind of quirky Eli Wallach, quote for the day: "Having the critics praise you is like having the hangman say you've got a pretty neck." Hmmm. I have to think about that one.


  1. LOL May the 4th be with you... :P
    Congrats, Lee and Tara. :)

    1. I've never met a green nerd before. It was quite an experience.

  2. Gabe, if you like suspenders, then you really are nerdy.
    You have so many guest spots today I'm having a hard time keeping up, Lee! But that's good - means you're everywhere.

    1. If you can't keep up, Alex, imagine how I'm doing. I'm not the ninja you are.

  3. What a fun interview.

    And yes, Lee and Tara—congratulations to you both!

    1. Just about everyone I know is launching a book this summer or fall. Must be contagious.

  4. Wow, you're running a superb tour Lee. You're everywhere with some great spots/post! Congrats to you and Tara, and loved the interview!

    1. Thanks for your post, Shah. As I said I had a hard time finding it and commenting, but I'm not easily deterred. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Sarah. Great to have your congratulations.

  6. I'm not a nerd, I'm a geek. :)

    I love that quote at the end. Grats on the release!

    1. Geeks aren't green, are they? Well, neither are nerds most of the time.

  7. Woohoo! Congrats on your book release! And yes, Tara's cover is awesome-sauce! ;)

    1. I want that cover. Guess I'll have to be satisfied with just looking at it.

  8. OOOh, such delight, such delight. Just tweeted about your book launch! :)

  9. Eli was wise. Congrats on your book launch.

  10. Oh my goodness that was so much fun!
    Congrats again to you both, Tara and Lee! :D

  11. Congrats on the new release! It sounds like a great read. I hope you sell many copies!

  12. Love this interview! So funny and it really helps us get a feel for Gabe! :) His responses are awesome. :)

    Lee- so excited to see your book all over the blogosphere and we can't wait to host you on Sunday. :)

    Best of luck to Lee and Tara!

  13. Lol! Love that quote! Congrats on the new release. It looks/sounds really good. Just added to my GR list.
    And Tara's cover is amazing, no matter how often I see it, I have to take a second glance.

  14. Congratulations on the book release! That's so exciting!

  15. Oh, congrats , congrats, congrats!!! I live your cover! Tara's is great too.

  16. "Love" your cover, but maybe live would be better. :)

  17. Your book cover is TERRIFIC! And I'm willing to bet the insides are pretty great as well.

    Nice interview! I think my own answers may point me in the nerd direction just a tiny bit . . .

  18. Lots of great stuff going on today. Your cover is awesome! Love your interview with Gabe. Yes, he truly is a nerd, and I adore him all the more for it.

  19. Your release is gigantor news Lee! That's as big as the great and fantastic interview you did with Gabe. And I'm with Gabe, Nerds Unite!! Uh, yeah, I pretty much chose the same answers he did. Oi...I am truly a nerd lol!!

  20. Yay, congrats on the release of Double Negative!

  21. Congratulations on your new book! How exciting! Best wishes to a successful launch!

  22. Small world! Darby's a local author. Love the interview with Gabe (which happens to be my son's name!)

  23. Hey Lee,

    Yep, undaunted and exhausted at two in the morning, I shall leave one of my much cherished comments.

    Highly acclaimed author, Lee, indeed, you are all over the place. This is good because further awareness of your latest published venture is a positive result for dedication.

    Gabe, I don't want to think about Goblin Goodies. Seems like a lot of Goblin happening. Nice to note that the illustrious Tara was here. To be amongst such high profile A-List authors is beyond my wildest dreams.

    Goodnight from the starstruckest fan of Lee,


  24. Congratulations on being everywhere at once! I'll go check out all your appearances. I love Tara's cover, too! It just jumps out at you.

  25. Many congratulations on the book release Lee.

  26. That's an interesting quote and it's great seeing Tara's book here.

    Congrats on your release. My copy's in my Kindle.

  27. A huge thank you to all you wonderful people! I've been reading and smiling since the post went up!

    And Lee, i really appreciate you sharing uour day with me! Congrats!!!

  28. Late to say...CONGRATS on your book release!

    I must say I also LOL'd on the cover jealousy. It is kinda good...the kind kids will grab and want to see what is on the inside. Also (must say!) I like Nerd's is something to be proud of, goblin or human.


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