Monday, June 2, 2014

How To Write Books, Market Them and Not Go Mad


For me sanity is all about scheduling and coffee/wine (depending on the time of day). Those are the only things holding this writer together. I'm not offering these solutions for everyone, just saying that so far these are working for me.

My Schedule for today:

04AM Drink Coffee and Write new book (just kidding about the book)
05AM Visit my Blogger Friends (not kidding) fb and Twitter
06AM Do Line Edits (serious business)
07AM Find more coffee. (absolutely necessary)
08AM See husband, get his plan for the day, eat something.
09AM Work on book (not kidding)
10AM Hike up some trail.
11AM Set plan for week.
12 PM Meet husband at designated place for lunch--this time of year that would be our deck.
01PM  Write
02PM Organize publicity for Library, posters and website, talk to sons on phone, make plans with friends for tomorrow.
03PM Check garden. Pick lettuce for dinner. Go to meeting for library.
04:30PM fb and more Twitter. :-(
05PM Think about dinner. Consider wine, then write instead.
06PM Pour wine. Find husband and hand him marinated chicken for bar-b-que.
07PM Pour more wine. Toss the salad and feel smug. (planted it, grew it, harvested it).
08PM 30 minutes of a Netflix something, decafe and maybe something like a salted caramel treat.
09PM Kindle in bed, read someone else's writing. Make notes for review.
10PM Face in pillow.


If you've followed me for a while,  you know I don't usually blog on Wednesdays, except for the first Wednesday of each month. And this week is special in a couple of ways. I'm going to co-host the IWSG (Insecure Writers Group) while ALEX takes a well-deserved break. Oh, you might know it as I Was Searching for Gary. Please placate him and tell him you know the real meaning of IWSG. It makes him happy.

And, the UncommonYA group, which has some amazing authors, is going to BLAST me. That means, it's going to feature Sliding on the Edge. That poor book needs a boosts if ever a book did, so, of course, I'll blog on Wednesday with some glee.

The Write Club is underway.  Read. Vote. Enjoy!


What's your schedule? Do have one? How's that working. Do you IWSG much?  Hugs to my followers. UR Amazing and I appreciate y'all. (Is that the right spelling? People from the South, weigh in please)


  1. ((Hugs)) to you and your busy day! 4AM is crazy.

  2. What a busy day. You make me feel lazy. Coffee and iced tea for me. Y'all looks about right. :) See you Wednesday.

    1. I'm never sure and know southern linguists get cranky when you spell it wrong.

  3. You may find this hard to believe but this is absolutely true. I was sitting here thinking about doing a future post about what I did on a typical day. Then I clicked over here to your site and saw that you'd already written my post for me. Well, some minor detail changes, but seriously there are many similarities between your day and mine.

    I'll probably still write my post. Sure why not. Maybe someone can do a "typical day" blogfest and I can use it there.

    Have a nice day and hope everything goes as scheduled unless something else really awesome happens.

    Tossing It Out

  4. We share the common thread of being busy but your day seems so much more enjoyable than mines. You know, we can always trade lol!

  5. Your title made me laugh because I immediately thought "That can be done??" I haven't managed it yet. :D

    I'm looking forward to the IWSG - have fun hosting!

  6. Whew! Your schedule tired me out. I get up at 6:15 to bike ride with my hubs, then I do Bible study and a quick journal, and then it's facebook, twitter, blogdom until I realize the day is half gone, and my kids want me to homeschool with them . .. oops, and then it's lessons, and then writing and twittering, etc all mixed together until it's time to take my kids to activities. And then writing during activities and afterwards.

  7. Wow that sounds like a pretty long day. Sounds a little bit like mine only I get up at 7 and go to sleep at 2

  8. Sounds like you have your act together to me. My day isn't scheduled. It's just a mess of writing, visiting blogs, checking social media, and checking my email about 1,000 times for new writing assignments from my freelance clients.

  9. Loved reading about your schedule. Chuckled at the smug salad making. I've done that myself a few times. :P

    Yup. Y'all is correct. There's also 'gonna' (going to), 'fixin' to' (about to), and 'Y'all all' (y'all for a big group). hehehe

  10. Nope, no schedule. I just try to work in my writing time when I can!

  11. I don't have a rigorous schedule except as it pertains to getting the kids to school on time. I do a paper round at 6am and then it's back to get the dogs walked and rugrats moving. Who'd have responsibilities! After that, I have to get 1000 words written before midday or I get cranky. I think getting up early is good. It's getting to sleep at the right time that I'm trying to finesse!

  12. Wine and lettuce you grew yourself!!! I love that.

  13. Quite a busy day! I don't really have a schedule for writing. It's more like my day job schedule and then see when I can fit writing/editing/social media into it.

  14. Busy! I love food fresh from the garden - unfortunately we don't have one at this house :)

  15. That sounds like a fun—albeit busy—day! :)

  16. 4am!!?!!! IS there such a time in the morning? ;)

  17. Except for getting up at 4:00 am, your day sounds great. Mine was busy too but mostly at work and the million other things to get done.

  18. Totally with you on the coffee and wine. Not so much on 4 a.m. But I wish I could function on six hours sleep.

  19. so the right beverage at the right time will get me through the day? sounds like a plan! esp the wine helping with dinner!

    i need a schedule too, but my hub thinks i have all this free time and keeps piling on stuff! priorities and patience get me through each day... oh and coffee!

  20. You know, I was just thinking yesterday about doing a post about time. I've visited the topic in the past, and with my recent determination to find more writing space in the day, it hit me again. So great minds must think alike, I'm thinking? :) Appreciate this reminder, and I do like how you felt smug about the lettuce. I probably would too. If I grew some.

  21. Wow - you start early! I think I'd go mad if I got up at the crack of dawn to start my day! ;0)

  22. That's a full day. Kindle and wine sounds good at the end.

    I don't really have a schedule. I use my to-do list to guide me and I don't do things in any particular order.

  23.! Love your schedule, especially face in pillow. I survive on tea and beer/cider at night in a pub.

  24. I'm with you a 100% . . . with the wine and coffee that is lol. Love it, face in pillow seems to be teasing me right about now, though. My days are surviving, keeping the kids alive and fed, make dinner, spend time with hubby, sneak some TV in, and work through the night. Oh, and yawn all day. o_0

  25. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Following!

    You, my amazing celebrity author friend have quite the scheduled schedule. Coffee is the way forward. Unless, it's British coffee which is actually a laxative.

    See that, not even Mr. Alphabet Dude noted the mention of shy, humble me. Thanks for realising this is actually the "I Was Seeking Gary" dedication post. I'm under the moon :)

    See how this starstruckest fan of yours backtracked to this post?

    Gary :)

  26. I love how you work sipping coffee (and wine), hiking, and picking lettuce, along with writing, into your day--not an easy feat!

  27. You are an early riser! But a plan is a good thing to have. I hope to create a strict schedule on my days off next year.

  28. I'd need a lot off coffee at 4AM! I love your schedule. I need more than an hour to visit my bloggy friends. I'm just slow I guess.

    I need to get me a better schedule!

  29. Ah man, I got a
    502. That’s an error.

    The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

    Please try again in 30 seconds. That’s all we know.

    Cute message, but it took so long to come up I forgot what I wrote. All I can remember is that I need a new schedule.

  30. Me again. That's totally weird, the comment it said it lost, showed up.


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