Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Blog Challenge: The Letter B and IWSG

The Write Game's Theme 
AtoZ Blog Challenge

Stuff I Learned or Laughed at from Bloggers in the 2013 A to Z Challenge .

All you gots to do is identify the Mystery Blogger each day. I’ll give you hints when I can. I'll post the answers and the winner each Monday.

Four visitors (one each week) can win: 
Week 1) an ebook of Alligators Overhead 
Week 2)an ebook of Sliding On The Edge 
Week 3) an ebook of The Princess of Las Pulgas 
Week 4) a $10 gift certificate from Amazon 
 (If you already have one of the prizes, I'll figure something else out!)


1) identifying the most bloggers correctly=2 points.  
2) leaving witty comments=1 point or more depending on glibness
3) adding to the information and making it more valuable=2 points 


Plan Ahead

Mystery Blogger B’s 2013 theme: " I’ll be sharing what I learned on a month-long blog tour I did last year for one of my novels and what I've discovered since."

B  is for Blog Tour

  • Plan in advance. Further than you think you should.

Decide on length of tour and frequency of posts.
Contact possible hosts, who are a good fit for your novel.
Write posts in advance. Seriously.
Send posts early and make them easy to manage.
Prepare badges and order giveaways.
Decide on a giveaway/freebie day early and include in your post for each blog.
Use all promotional opportunities available.
Gift your hosts with a copy of your book.
  • Just before the tour.

Change your blog header (optional, but an immediate indicator that you have something special happening on your blog).
Continue to update your blog, so visitors will be aware of your promo/marketing efforts and where you will be on what days. 
Contact tour hosts a few days in advance to be sure they remember when to post.
Ensure book links, Rafflecopter widgets and online freebies are in place and ready to roll out on day one.

Who was it? HINT: This blogger loves Jamaica and "Joy" is her name.

SIGN UP or VISIT the others who are on this AtoZ Challenge and check out the HOSTS:

Arlee Bird @ Tossing it Out

Tina @ Life is Good

Damyanti @ Amlokiblogs

Jeremy @ Being Retro

Nicole Ayers - The Madlab Post

Pam @ An Unconventional Librarian


How do I have time to be insecure in April? I don't know, but I am. Here's what I mean.

Will the posts I've scheduled actually publish? 

Get up at 3AM to be sure. 
Go to bed. 

Did I have any typos or grammar mistakes? 

Get up at #:3:30AM to be sure. 
Go to bed. 

Did I get that writer's name correct? How about those links, did I check them? 

Get up at 4AM to be sure. 
Forget bed.


  1. JC Campbell!!! I got this one.
    And your IWSG part made me chuckle. I woke up at 3:00 this morning and HAD to check my post on my iPad.

  2. Wow, you are a dedicated blogger to check your posts like that. Alex seems to know the answer, but I actually knew this one, too. Isn't it JL Campbell, though? She has a great blog. That must have been Alex's clones...

  3. This made me smile--and it also made my head spin (MUST finish remaining a to z posts today!) xx

  4. I think Alex already guessed.

    I go on faith and don't even look at my post until 7am or later.

  5. I remembered this one - JL Campbell! This will probably be the only one I remember, it's a miracle that I did LOL.

    1. I doubt it, Julie. There are easier ones ahead.

  6. LOL I check at around 4 AM also to see if my never-before-failed-scheduled-post went up...and the typos, yes. Must always think about the typos. Love this.

  7. If you only knew where my mind went when I read, the best supplier of catnip...couldn't help but giggle when I read that.

    Great tips about scheduling posts in advance. It really does help a lot, especially if you need to do some major blog hopping - which none of do these days at all, with A - Z and IWSG...oh no, not at all ...

    MJ, A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Writing Tips
    Effectively Human
    Lots of Crochet Stitches

  8. This is DEFINITELY Joy Campbell! Much easier than yesterday's one...

  9. Yup, I can get neurotic like that when I have important posts coming up. Happens to the best of us! :)

  10. Yup, I agree. It's Joy Campbell.

  11. preparation is KEY! thanks for the visit. enjoy the challenge!

  12. Joy Campbell! This is really good advice for planning a blog tour. It's so important to prepare!

  13. Such good advice about blog tours. I wish I knew this ahead of time. You sound like me, last night I wanted to stay up past midnight to put my post on my blog. For some reason my time and date thingy isn't working for me...

  14. LOL
    You sound like me trying to get my ms ready for the formatter. :P

    IWSG #243, until Alex culls the list again.

  15. I think I read my posts at least a dozen times before pressing publish! Still the odd mistake slips through!

  16. It's surprising how many mistakes can show up in re-reads....and don't get me going on the comments box, but I think bloggers are more forgiving there. Not a clue on the clue!

  17. This is some great advice for blog tours, I'll have to come back when I eventually finish my novel!

  18. Wait, you can't possibly be talking about J.L. Campbell, can you? ;) (Yes! I knew one.)

    LOL! You were up correcting your post, I was up with midnight inspiration, and then I realized I hadn't FINISHED MY POST for today. Yikes! Good thing it was only 2 AM. Tonz of time to get done. Whew!

  19. Great hint! It's JL Campbell! I did the same as you last night. I re-checked half my posts for typos and tried to cut words so peeps don't have too much to read.

    Yes, I did remark on your main site's scary rattler sound, and yes, my theme is creepy. But it's like this: I noticed a little daddy-long legs up on the ceiling of my bathroom, but I'm not scared. If a spider walks across my hand, I'm the one on the ceiling. Distance is everything. Anyhow, I'm used to the sound now -- but it was really funny when my hubby was sitting next to me as I opened your site a few days ago. He's terrified of snakes. Heh-heh-heh. You bought my book last month? So you're the one! lol The good news is after Ch 8, there's no gore until the very end. ;)

  20. Organization is good. I wish I had it.

  21. I know this blogger! Joy (JL) Campbell at The Character Depot!

    I doubt I'll ever be organized enough to do a huge book blog tour.

  22. I like the idea of new promo banner for a blog tour

  23. I pictured you getting up, and getting up, and getting up. At least you catch the things you need to...sadly, I've usually hit "Publish" first!

  24. Blog Tours are a lot of fun, but also much work, writing posts, answering interview questions, etc. You always do a great job.

    I wonder why we second guess ourselves when we've typed a post and worry that it's not right. Sometimes I find a misspelled word in my posts. Oh well. :)

  25. I was cracking up while reading your Insecure Writer's post- I can relate. :)

    What a fun theme. I am guessing Joy Campbell, whose blog I have visited before- but I needed the hints.


  26. Oh, I thought I was the only one that checked to see if their blog posted, and double checked for mistakes at 3 am. Huh. We should Skype or FaceTime some morning.

    1. Oh. Speaking of double checking...
      Donna Smith
      The A-to-Z Challenge
      Mainely Write

  27. Could only be our very own Joy Campbell from Jamaica. Enjoy the challenge !

  28. I remember that theme from last year, but I can't remember off-hand who it was. And I double and triple check posts, but not at 3 in the morning. I only lay awake thinking about them, refusing to give them the delight of me getting out of bed!

  29. I'm sooo impressed with all of you doing the challenge! Hats off.

  30. I want to say I know who it was but I think I may be mixing their information up with something read at another time. lol!!

  31. Hi human, Lee,

    Oh, my aching paws. Two in the morning and after commenting on over a hundred pawsts relating to that idiotic A to Z, I finally arrive here. Yay and Arf!

    I see the ninja dude seems to have the correct answer. I find it real freaky that he can actually comment before one pawblishes. Very scary, indeed!

    Got to get all those links correct. I worry about things like that. After all, it's "I Was Seeking Gary!" Yes, we shall continue to humour (humor) my deluded fictional human, Gary.

    Penny, the pawsitive host of the Alphabark Challenge, 2014!

  32. Oh, my gosh; I love your topic of blog tours and stuff to remember - and then your insecure writers list. I can totally relate! :)

    This is A. Catherine Noon, visiting from my blog at for the A-Z Challenge, #327 on the list. Happy blogging!

  33. Ahh yeah.. Blog tours.. Will have to plan one of those once book #2 is finished! Ack. Glad that will be after A-Z is over! Fun topic :)

    AJ @ Naturally Sweet
    An A-Z co-host blog

  34. Great advice for a blog tour! The mystery blogger is JL Campbell.
    Yay for you, Lee, for taking part in the A-Z Challenge. You're much braver than me! Cheers!

  35. OMG I KNOW THIS!! She was on my blog for a blog hop. It's JL Campbell... I think. Now I'm not so certain. ^^;;

    ~Patricia Lynne~
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, YA Author

  36. Cats - fair? Whaaaa? Maybe I just have a pair of feline klinkers. Great blog hop advice. I'll be bookmarking this. My insecure nights follow a similar pattern with the addition of waking up to weird possibly imagined noises since I've been watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

  37. J.L. Campbell! And those are great tips for a blog tour.

    This month will be exhausting, but I love A to Z.

  38. I believe there's roughly a 30-way tie, so rather than blurt out the blogger *insert Joy L. Campbell here* I'll just leave some fair trade, organic, shade grown, bird sanctuary catnip in an unmarked paper bag, because glib is my middle name:)

    A to Z #TeamDamyanti

  39. I'm looking forward to doing a blog tour, so I enjoyed the post!


  40. I don't know any of last year's bloggers, but I do love that you have a plan. 3, 3:30, 4 and off and running!

  41. Yep, JL Campbell!!!

    I will worry over the little things you speak of, then as soon as I talk myself into relaxing, I mess something up and Miss Diligance ruins my sleep again.

    1. Just like hitting publish before checking on the spelling of diligence!

  42. Hi Lee - this one I did get .. and thankfully some commented on today's post before I had time to think ... I think there are probably lots of errors (typing slips I say!) ... and my comments are getting as bad .. JL's Jamaica stories look so good to read .. cheers Hilary

  43. Yep, as everyone guessed, that's Joy :). Your insecurities had me ROFL !

    Damyanti Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014, Latest Post

    Twitter: @damyantig

  44. As I said yesterday, this is my first time doing the A to Z Challenge, so I have no idea. But I did love your added post for the IWSG. I'm new to this group, and missed the opportunity to add a post. Still, there's always next month.
    Looking forward to C. :)

  45. Yes, Joy is well-known! Jamaica is beautiful too.
    Planning ahead is a treacherous road. Plan too far out and circumstances change. Not far enough and you're buried in the sh...uh, mud. :)

  46. Well, somehow I missed Joy Campbell. I must live under a rock. But the part about checking your stuff? I found out the hard way that you have to push the publish button after scheduling when Kathy at I am a Reader sent me an email that my post hadn't gone up. It was one of the first tour spots I took. Red-faced embarrassment hardly describes it. And I can't even count the number of times I've found typos in my posts after they published. I jumped for joy when Facebook decided to let us edit afterward--post haste--pun intended.

  47. Boy, do I know about that insecurity. It was Alex who told me what to do to get the posts to actually publish. I felt like a dolt when he told me how. Even now I sometimes get it wrong and the darn thing doesn't post.

    Being joyful in Jamaica! :)

  48. I'm way late getting around to commenting, but it's her... right there ^

    Random Musings from the KristenHead — B is for 'Believe' (and Behold the Beguiling Beauty of the Beach)

  49. This one was easy. I did know this one and it looks like I wasn't the only one.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog


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