Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why An Insecure Writer Support Group?

Thanks ALEX 

I have no idea why we need IWSG. What does it do that's so important, huh?

Pardon me a moment, I have to open my email to see which agent is asking for my manuscript today. Such a drag. Nag. Nag. Nag is all they do. 

Please send me another of those sparkling, exquisite stories, C. Lee. 

What did you write today, C. Lee. Can't wait to read it.

You'd think since they're in the writing industry they'd come up with more original lines.

Oh, sorry. Back from my email, which doesn't seem to be working today. I didn't get anything except a PayPal offer. I'll check later.

Now to my question.

Hold on, my Google Calendar just sent me an alert. Let me take a look. 

What? I was sure I'd finished that last chapter, but guess not. Oh, right. I got stuck in that one scene and couldn't figure out where to take it. I stopped writing in February? Not possible. I never get the "BLOCK."

Where was I? Oh, yes. IWSG. Hold it. Just saw something pop up on Amazon. It's another review. Stellar no doubt. Two stars? Did the guy even read my book? Who does he think he is? 

*Reaches for box of Kleenex and an aspirin. Slumps in chair. 

You can all leave now. I'm not here anymore. I'm over THERE! 

Just a little heads up that Bish Denham has launched her book, ANANSI and COMPANY. It would be great if you'd add it to your TBR list on GoodReads. I'll be posting more about Bish and her book next Monday, but here's her amazing cover.

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  1. And that's exactly why we need this group!
    Crap, I forgot to mention Bish's book today. Epic Ninja fail...

  2. Thanks for reminding me I am not alone in my despair. :)

  3. Yep, that's exactly why I need IWSG, except I still haven't finished my ms.....ugggg.

    Congrats to Bish! :D

  4. Okay Lee, now you've got me pacing the floor and chewing my nails. Thanks for the nod! And Alex, no need to beat yourself up.

  5. Just so you all know, I read each and every comment and when I can I email a reply. One of these days Blogger's going to let me have my threaded comments back. Still working on that!

    Thanks all.

  6. Exactly!
    Exactly why this group is so amazing. We can all use encouragement and support from people who understand. Happy 2014, C.Lee ;)

  7. Just added Bish's book to my list. Awesome cover and excited for her.

    Happy New Year! Hope this is a good year for you.

  8. Exactly why we need IWSG and all it's lovely members! Happy New Year and congrats to Bish.

  9. LOL what a perfect way to show why we all need this group. I do hope those agents stop harassing you soon though, geez.

    Thanks for sharing about Bish's book - I love the cover! Added to my list over at Goodreads.

  10. Well said. :)
    So so so true.

    The clouds will part my friend.


  11. LOL!

    Seriously, who needs the group? This was awesome. Here's a wedge of literary cheese to get your brain cruising. =)

  12. Great way to state the importance of the IWSG! :-)

  13. IWSG is soooimportant even when we're not quite so insecure.

    I'm so wxcited for Bish.

  14. Too cute, and oh, how easily I can relate :)

  15. Woot for Bish! Her name inspired a character name in my new book. I should tell her. :)

    Yeah, some days really suck in this business. It's not easy. Is it?

  16. Ha! Loved this. :D This group is one of THE essential parts of my writing world. And I don't need any help remembering why, either.

  17. What? You mean to tell me you did't get the jumble of e-mails with agents and editors begging to know about your next move? Neither did I.

    Thus, IWSG. So good to NOT be alone :-)

  18. That's exactly why we need this group! Great post. Reminds me of my days. You have any more aspirin to share?

  19. C.Lee - your stories sparkle, your characters dive deep and pull us in with them, and your writing is compelling. Keep it up. Knock over that block/wall, and keep up the good work.
    Big Hugs!

  20. I don't know whether to laugh because you're so funny or cry because you've just described my day! It's good to hear Bish's book is out. :)

  21. Yar, sounds familiar... Gotta love the IWSG. Everyone totally understands!

  22. LOL! Yes, exactly why we need IWSG. :)
    Congrats to Bish!

  23. that was a fun post! love the humor!
    who needs iwsg?
    we all do!!

    thanks for the pick me up! let's keep at it!

  24. What a fun yet slightly depressing post! Clearly why we need IWSG. :)

  25. Entertaining and relatable post. You're not alone!

  26. This was fun! Bish's book looks great!


  27. Very clever, C. Lee!

    Congrats to Bish....

    LOVE the cover!

  28. Just visited Bish blog. Here book really looks amazing.

  29. Great cover! Good luck to Bish!

    Love your post :)

  30. Great post, and great cover! Congrats to Bish, =)

  31. No one could have explained it better than you, sweet lady. Thank the Higher Powers for the IWSG band of brothers and sisters. Dragon hugs!

  32. Too many reasons for the IWSG. Thank goodness for Alex and his brain-children.

    Be well, Lee.

  33. Ack! The anxiety. You got a PayPal offer? Sheesh, I just got...well, I can't tell you. But I don't own anything that needs to be enlarged.

    The Warrior Muse

  34. Aloha!

    Lee, your inbox seems to be cloned to my one... how weird :)

    By the way, you had me soooo confused about the I Was Searching For Gary Linky (I really thought there was an awesome hop I was missing!!! - And, then I went to Gary's page and all was revealed (that sounds rude!!)

    But, game on, gal pal... I didn't even know I'd cracked the Top Sixty... when I signed on I was like #117 or something :)

    Cheers - and continued prayers for you and your family...


  35. Don't worry about the agents emails, they didn't contact me today either - I think they must all be on holiday together, all the agents! I'm sure they'll be back tomorrow :-)

  36. Wow I can really relate to this! Now I need to find some aspirin and make it through another day.

  37. Great post, Lee. So typical of my day, too!

  38. Scrolls down past the comments, the Kinky, um Linky for "IWSG" and gets to the point where I can actually leave one of my adored, treasured and sold on eBay comments.

    Forgot what I was going to say. I must send you another email from Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! She, the acclaimed pawblisher, just adores your sparkling, exquisite stories, C. Lee.

    Thank for the heads up on Bish. Thanks for being part of "IWSG" aka "I Was Seeking Gary." My ego is going to explode with such joy.

    Yep, your starstuckest fan,


  39. The best thing about IWSP is finding out just how many of us (IW's) there are. It's somewhat reassuring to be in the company of so many.
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  40. I alternately laughed and sighed while reading your entry. It's all about empathy and lifting each other up. I'm not officially in the ISWG but I may join, as I always relate to the posts.

  41. You cracked me up and I could relate! Wonderful post and such voice. :)

    I am thrilled for Bish and I can't wait to get my hands on her book! Love the cover and it just sounds wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing!

  42. Yay for Bish.

    Ah, the world of 4-5 stars only and agents knocking down our doors...oh, I was daydreaming again. :)

  43. It is so good to have a kind word about writing at least once a month, right?

    Good luck.

    Leanne ( )


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