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Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Ketchup


This week I'm celebrating getting through November. It was one rotten month and it's usually a month that I truly enjoy. I'm also celebrating surviving with some of my sense of humor in tact. That's it this week. Oh, yes. I'm celebrating that Blogger let me do something without exploding more than it did. Thanks GARY and PENN Y.

Hope you'll LINKY up for this wonderful Celebration or visit others who have joined.

You might want to sign up for Medeia Sharif's GIVEAWAY. There are some great books available. She has a new book coming out next year. It's called VITAMINS AND DEATH, and it sounds tantalizing.

I keep mentioning Composers For Relief Supporting the Philippines because I think it's such a great idea. I've chosen to write to Aurora, a piece composed by 
Renan Javier Carrera. It's beautiful. Here's the YOUTUBE link that gives you the sound track as you soar over earth.

Did you know DEZMOND has so many talents? You might want to check out his other blog HERE. It looks quite tasty.

Have you signed up for 50 States of Pray? Mark Koopman had a super idea for one simple post on Christmas Eve, but from all the states and more. If you haven't signed up, now's your chance. Right HERE.

What are you celebrating? Are you signing up for more online involvement or are you kicking back during this holiday season?


  1. Hope your December has been better!
    All set for Fifty States of Pray.

  2. I'm sorry you had such a rough time last month, Lee. I hope the new year is a much better one for you. I'm glad to see your blog back to normal after whatever happened earlier this week. Take care!

  3. Lee, I hope things are so much better for you going forward. I'm so sorry November was so awful. You've been through a lot. (((Hugs)))

  4. Happy Holidays! Glad you survived November!

  5. Hi Lee .. the last few months culminating in November have not been easy for you ... life becomes the moment of existing, while helping others along their journey - peace does come to one and all. Time again takes us left along that path ..

    Wishing you a very peaceful Christmastime .. with some wonderful memories ... all the very best and sent with many thoughts .. Hilary

  6. You don't want to lose your sense of humor. Or have your blog explode.

    I have a post for the IWSG site on Monday and then one for the 50 States of Pray on Tuesday.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Happy for you that November is over, and hopefully the upcoming months will be much better! Happy Holidays, =)

  8. I've been such a big online disappointment when it comes to my presence. I haven't been able to visit and comment like a want and the rest of the holiday season won't get any better. So I'll still try to get in what I can and get some writing done while hopefully NOT gaining more than 20 pounds before the end of the year lol!

    May your December be brighter and the year to come shiney and fun.

  9. December is looking much happier--having you on board with the Composers companion anthology makes for an eventful holiday party!!

  10. Too bad for a lousy November... but may December be absolutely terrific. Merry Christmas too you!

  11. Busy, Busy. Thanks for all the info, and I'm glad your blog is explosion free. Hurray for your sense of humor - I've always thought tact was rather amusing, too. Wishing you happy and healthy holidays. :-)

  12. I hope this month is proving better than the last. Thank you for mentioning my book and giveaway.

    Happy holiday weekend.

  13. Oh noes!! I'm sorry November was a rotten month for you but I do so hope that this month is proving to be better! Sending you an infinite amount of positive light and energy! Wishing you a very peaceful and happy Christmas! Take care

  14. Sorry you had a rough month in November. Hopefully this one will be better. (I've been having some trouble with Blogger, too. I wonder what's up with that.)

  15. I'm sorry about your recent struggles, Lee. Wishing you many blessings in the coming new year!
    I'm kicking back a bit from online things during the holidays. Although, here I am now because I felt like if I had to endure one more cheesy Christmas Romance my head would explode. Can't seem to get away from the television in this house ;)

  16. I really hope December hasn't been as bad and happy holidays!

  17. thanks for the linky dinky, but that ain't my other blog, dahlink :) I was just guest posting at Melanie's blog :) It's obvious even visually that it couldn't possibly be mine place :PPP
    Hope you enjoyed my Cake Magic there, though :)

  18. Thanks for celebrating with me, I hope your December was better than your November and your January is even better yet!


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