Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Ketchup

My water pipes didn't all freeze at the same time. One popped on Tuesday morning, another one on Wednesday. 

I have a lovely electric blanket that works.

Tomorrow the temperature starts to climb again. 

I'm so pleased to have all of these small things to celebrate. Check out the Linky and see what others are taking time to celebrate this week.

Truth or Lie

Available on AMAZON

Here's the lie and the two truths that Crystal Collier gave us last week. How did you do on the guessing?

Crystal writes,

1.    Crystal answers proudly to several nicknames, one of which is “Chicken.”
2.    She won her first ice skating competition at the age of ten.
3.    Her brothers trained her to become a ninja, and she can still sneak up on you or remain “invisible” when desired. 

The lie: #2. Despite very much wishing it, ice skating was something I never became very good at. Chicken is my nickname, because it is my name. My maiden name is Hicken, and my first initial… Well, put them together. I was ridiculed for it as a child, but in Jr. High I decided the name could mean whatever I wanted it to, so I embraced it. By high school it was a cool thing.

As far as ninja-ing goes, yes, I’m that good. :-)

Thanks, Crystal. Great launch. Lots of fun.

COMPOSERS FOR RELIEF  This musical collaboration aims to raise funds for the victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. Check out the article and list of participating artists. Writers will choose a track that inspires them and write a story. All of these stories will be put together as an eBook by January. The proceeds from the eBook will also go to support those who are recovering from that typhoon. 

As SAMANTHA GEARY JONES says, "28 tracks by 30 composers + 28 brilliant writers = one helluva collaboration! 

So that's my ketchup post. So much to keep track of these days. 


  1. Let's hear it for Ninjas!
    Sorry about your water pipes. Hope they were fixed quickly.

  2. Sorry about the pipes! Ugh!

    Crystal's launch has been so fun. Best of luck to Samantha, what a great project.

  3. Frozen pipes are a mess. That used to happen to us all the time in Oregon.

  4. Frozen pipes are a real pain aren't they? Hope the temperature rises soon for you. Stay warm and cosy :)

  5. Ooh, hope you get those water pipes functioning again. On the east coast we are gearing up for more snow tomorrow. Eek.

  6. Sorry about your pipes! We have been in the deep freeze, haven't we?

  7. Oh my gosh, sorry about your water pipes. Glad your electric blanket works, though!

  8. Best of luck with those pipes! Hurrah for electric blankets. Great book launch too. :)

  9. I loved the things you're grateful about. I may have to look into this hop after the new year, but I am planning on dwindling down. A gratitude list each week isn't too's the visiting. That's the time consumer.

    Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year, Lee.

    M.L. Swift, Writer

    1. Thank M.L. Same to you. Keep sane and maybe I'll see you 2014.

  10. Go Ninjas!
    It's great to hear about the composers for relief!!!

    And I'm glad you are able to stay warm.

    Hoping all is well with you.


  11. So sorry about the water pipes. Hope it wasn't too much of a mess.

  12. That's awful about the pipes, but great about the blanket! Some awesome things to celebrate, for sure, =)

  13. I read your ketchup post with relish -- but I was looking around your new site for your books and found I was in a pickle. They're gone! Please lettuce see them again soon. ;)

  14. Well, the pipes issue, I do hope those weren't too tough to deal with. And we could all use the little reminders about things to be happy for.

    Crystal's Truth or Lie game was very fun :-)

  15. Sorry about the pipes! Hurrah for electric blankets indeed.

  16. LOL!! Love that Crystal is totally a Ninja!! Yay! Take care

  17. Hi Lee,

    Somehow I got here. Looks like you ended up with that Dynamic View. Yikes! Glad you managed to ketchup. Pipes can be a pain at the best of times. Here's to electric blankets. Here's to Lexa's puns. Things are now Crystal clear. I've been invited, yes me, invited to Samantha's Composer's for Relief. I'm not sure I can do that. Very busy doing things like trying to find the mouse that's making my life hell.

    Your starstruckest fan,


  18. Sorry about the pipes. Now I wish I had ninja skills.

  19. Hi Lee ... burst pipes are a bane of anyone - but freezing winter conditions are not good - glad you've got a warm electric blanket, and that the pipes are now fixed.

    Cheers from this post too .. Hilary

  20. AH! I missed the party. That's what I get for going on a cruise and getting out of the cold, eh? (Not that it ever TRULY gets cold in Florida...)

    Thanks so much for hosting. You totally rock--and I'm sending my invisible nano-bot ninjas to repair your broken pipe. --As soon as I get this darn teleportation device working again. ;)


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