Monday, December 9, 2013

Author Events--Do 'Em & Thanks Lexa and Julie & Kelly Polark's New Book!

Emily Jian, Author and Angela Mann, Book Seller

Last week I had two author events that were very different, and very rewarding. The first was at Kepler's, an independent bookstore that does so much for authors. At this event I "sponsored" two books besides my own: Flash Burnout by L.K. Madigan and Hiding Out At The Pancake Palace by Nan Marino.

I got to talk to readers and authors and booksellers! All of that led to being asked to another event at a local high school in March. One event leads to another. That's why doing 'em is a good thing.

Me Blah-Blahing People Around Me Snoring

The second event was at the library. What a great place to hang out and meet people who love to read and write books. They were kind enough to sell my books, so what's not to like?

A Young Reader Enjoying A Story--Happened to be Alligators Overhead

I hope everyone joined the great Dream Destination Blog Hop to celebrate the arrival of Lexa Cain's Soul Cutter and Julie Flander's  The Ghosts of Aquinnah. It was a super Hop. (Sorry Gary. But it was.)

Yay for Kelly Polark. She's got a new book out. Hold The Mustard. Is that a great title or what? 

Oh and wish me a Happy Anniversary. I've been married to the same guy for a very long time. 


  1. Happy anniversary! Marriage is an awesome thing.
    Glad both events were great. I wouldn't have been sleeping if you were talking though.

  2. Sounds like you had a marvelous time at both events. Plus, they both looked awesome! (Love the little girl reading...)


  3. In person events are so fun. I used to do so many and miss them. Thrilled yours went so well.

  4. I love author events! Maybe you'll be in my area sometime (or me in yours). :-)

    And Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary!
    The events look like they were great fun. :) I want that space where the little girl is reading!

  6. Glad you were able to get in some great events. And Happy Anniversary to you and hubby!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you!! And congrats on these successful events, awesome.

    Thanks again for being part of our hop!

  8. These sound like good events to attend. Glad you enjoyed them. Happy Anniversary, too. My hubby and I have one coming up in 2 weeks.

  9. These sound like good events to attend. Glad you enjoyed them. Happy Anniversary, too. My hubby and I have one coming up in 2 weeks.

  10. Happy Anniversary! My hubby and I have a big anniversary too, and we booked a short trip to the Dominican Republic, yay!

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! I'm glad everything went well at the library. If you were not so far, I would have attended with all the dwarves. They're good to smack people out of their sleep. ;) Dragon Hugs!

  12. @Alex Thanks for the not being tempted to sleep. :-)
    @SA have a great rest of Dec. 2013 is slipping away.
    @Diane, I'd love to see one of your presentations.
    @Barbara I think we'll meet one of these days.
    @River Thanks for the congrats. I love those reading nooks, too.
    @Angela waving at you. Thanks.
    @Julie Loved the Destinations Hop.
    @Elizabeth Congrats to you and your husband, too.
    @Catherine What a great get away!
    @Father Dragon you are one of the best. Those dwarves are always welcome, too.

  13. Happy Anniversary, Lee! Wish for you continued happiness.

    Love,love, love that picture with the boy reading in that circular thingie. So cute.

  14. How cool for you Lee! I've gotta find a way to do this type of thing.
    And a very happy anni to you and the hubby!! :)

  15. Hey Lee,

    Okay, relax, sing songs of joyous exaltation. For, your starstruckest fan has arrived. Yay and gosh!

    I've no doubt you had a marvellous time at those events. The positive interaction and sharing of thoughts must have been a most fulfilling outcome.

    I'm just wondering what song you were singing at the library.

    You do know that the irony is that my satirising blog hops is actually a bizarre way of bringing awareness of blog hops to those who might be interested. No need to apologise and I commented many times during that blog hop.

    Kelly's book has a keen title.

    Congrats to you and your husband. Happy anniversary and enjoy your special moment.

    Yep, your starstruckest fan,


  16. Happy anniversary! I hope you two had a nice celebration. Congrats on the two speaking engagements and the new one you got at the school. I loved the library pic of the little girl in the round chair! Funny! Thanks very much for the shout out about the blog hop. It really went well - beyond all my expectations - and I'm grateful to all the participants. :-)

  17. Now I want a window seat just like that one! Do you ever run into Stacey in Kepler's? Happy Anniversary-it's great when people renew their lease:)

  18. Happy Anniversary. Whoo-hoo. And another whoo-hoo for one author event spring boarding off another.

  19. Happy Anniversary! And glad the author event went so well. Excited about Kelly's new book too.

  20. Lee! That sounds like two amazing events! And that photo of the girl reading is like a perfect advertisement for reading and for your book! It's so cool!

    Thank you so much for the shout out!!!
    And of course, Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

  21. Happy anniversary!

    By the way, LOVE the photo of the girl reading your book. Makes it all worthwhile, yes?

  22. Happy Anniversary!!! He is one very fortunate guy.

    And Congrats! to the three ladies with new releases. Best wishes for a smashing success!

  23. What great events! And happy anniversary!

    Love the photo!

  24. Lee, thank you so much for choosing HIDING OUT AT THE PANCAKE PALACE. I feel so honored. It sounds like both your events were great fun. Love library events :)
    Happy happy anniversary!!!

  25. OMG - it is really such a small world… I found your blog through the Lexa / Julie hop and I know Nancy Marino in real life… I have worked with her brother for 15 years!

  26. Happy Anniversary, Lee! How cool that the girl was reading your book, in a library no less. What is this world coming to. :)

  27. Author's events are amazing. I'd like to go to more of them.

    Happy anniversary!

  28. big congrats to Kelly on her new book

  29. What a wonderful time!

    Happy Anniversary!

  30. I'm glad that your events went well, and I'm sure that you have lots of new fans! Happy belated anniversary Lee!


  31. Happy Anniversary!

    I'm glad that your taking part in events is paying off. :-)

  32. Hi Lee .. congratulations on those x number of years of happy marriage - wonderful news.

    Yes getting involved does lead to one thing after the other .. and I love the photo of the window with the child happily reading - excellent to know it was about alligators!

    Cheers for this post! Hilary


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