Friday, October 11, 2013

Stephen Tremp Publishes Again! And Then I Have a Small Thing to Celebrate

Another CHASE MANHATTAN adventure is here! 

Be sure to visit STEPHEN TREMP and check out his blog.

Stephen's Breakthrough and Openings are on Amazon.

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I love Halloween. It brings out the very best in me. It's my favorite holiday. Here's are some of my Halloween celebrations from the past. This pointy hat gets a lot of use during October.

I'm making a Halloween cake with Betty Crocker's help--Dark Chocolate in a box!

I'm surrounded by creepy skulls at Kepler's Books. Black is the new black.

Have you read any of Stephen's books? What do you think about Halloween Celebrations? How do you get in that dark and witchy mood?


  1. Yay for Stephen! So happy for him.

    And I love that Halloween is your favorite holiday.

  2. Haha! Love the hat! I like to decorate the house. :)

  3. Congratulations on another awesome cover, Stephen!
    And you look good in the hat. Black is always in style.

  4. Congrats, Stephen.

    We used to go all out with Halloween parties, and I think we still have some of the decorations.

  5. I've read two of his books, Breakthrough and Opening. Can't wait for Escalation to be released!!!

  6. The wife and I always try to carve pumpkins and, this year, we're coupling that with a monster movie marathon and snackfest!

    At first, I was going to say that hat looked natural on you, but then decided it didn't sound like a compliment :D

  7. Congrats to Stephen on ESCALATION!It sounds great! I love your witch hat, and luckily, I'm in a dark and witchy mood all the time. October just lets me seem normal. ;)

  8. Yay for Stephen. Glad to see him here. And Halloween is such a fun holiday :-)

  9. I haven't read any of Stephen's books but I will check them out after this! Congratulations, Stephen :-)
    I don't really do anything for Halloween - I suppose that's typically British of me! I do keep sweets by the door for the kids who come knocking, but this year we won't be home because we're going to a gig in London. What a Halloween killjoy I am!

  10. What kind of cake?

    Your Halloween nails are awesome.

  11. Halloween is not such a big holiday over here in the UK. My husband and I didn't do much when our son was small or before he was born. Other than get some sweets in for the cute little kids that came round in their even cuter costumes. Now we take Kye out trickle treating but not much beside. Every year I see all the lovely blogs where people are making a big deal of Halloween and think we should really go all out one year and get the house looking all spooky. I will follow through with the thought one year. Maybe lol.

  12. Guess what?? It's my favorite holiday too! Shocker I know. He he he. :D

  13. Yay for stephen! Love your nails holding the box.

    It's birthday season in my neck of hte woods, so I've always enjoyed October.

  14. Greetings Lee,

    Ah yes, Mr. Tremp is revealing himself all over the place. Start again, Mr. Tremp is revealing his book cover all over the place. And he has landed, so to speak, at your must-read site. It all makes sense.

    Is Betty Crocker into "Crockerdiles". Sorry about that.

    Do you have a broom? Do you ever get angry and fly off the handle?

    I have read Stephen's incredibly fascinating profile updates on Farcebook.

    I think everyday should be Halloween. I get into that dark and witchy mood by wearing a witch's dress. She was not pleased and put a spell on me. Now I can spell in American, English. Help me, y'all.....

    Yes, your bewitched and starstruckest fan,


  15. I don't do much for Halloween. I'm a Christmas kind of gal.

    Congratulations to Stephen!

  16. Hi Lee .. yes congratulations to Stephen - I do love his first book and therefore feel the trilogy will be a fun read ...

    Halloween - not so sure .. but creepy can be fun .. and I love that pointy hat ..

    Cheers Hilary

  17. Congrats Stephen and happy Halloween to you!
    Rhonda ~ Celebrating at Laugh Quotes

  18. Ha! Love the black pointy hat and the incredible teal nails... what a combo... fabulously freaky! LOL
    Congrats to Stephen. His stories sound like the kind I would enjoy!

  19. Catching up and answering your comments. I used to be able to email all of you and exchange a bit of banter. Blogger has put a stop to that. Thank you Blogger. :-(

    Appreciate all of you and the time you took to say hi.

  20. I love Halloween, it's one of my favourite holidays. I saw a gingerbread haunted house kit at work the other day, I may have to make one...

  21. LOL!! Love your witch's outfit as you bake your cake!!

    Yay for the fabulous Stephen and Escalation!!

    Take care

  22. Stephen is definitely all around the block!

    Love Halloween! Which reminds me, I've got to make it to the thrift store to try and get a costume for my sister's party!

    Have a great week. Writer’s Mark

  23. Congratulations to Stephen! Halloween, yay!

  24. You are too stinking cute! I could just squeeze you, Lee. I totally HEART Halloween, too. Not sure what it is about the season, but it brings out...well, let's say it brings out the 'different' me.

  25. Congrats to Stephen on another novel!!!

    I love your Halloween spirit, Lee! I love it too but have been too busy to decorate yet. Tomorrow we have a day off and I plan to!

  26. Ha, I love the nails!! I wish we celebrated Halloween more in Australia.

  27. I have not read any of Stephen's books- but wish him the best of luck.

    I love Halloween! It is my favorite time of year, too. I have so much fun dressing up!



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