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Mary Pax Does It Again! Lexa Cain's Brilliant Cover Reveal AND-Small Things To Celebrate


Fans Influence on Story

M. Pax 

Before I began publishing, I believed I would write the story I envisioned and never cave to fan pressure. I was wrong.

It’s not even pressure, it’s just a desire to do right by those who love what I do.

Before I published Stopover at the Backworlds’ Edge [book 2 in the Backworlds series], a fan sent me an email based on the excerpt at the back of The Backworlds [book 1]. His note led to a slight revision of the early chapters in Stopover, because his comments were right.

No matter what, I want to deliver the best book I can.

More fan letters arrived. Many said how much they loved Talos and Lepsi, two of the main character’s [Craze] friends.

I wrote book 2 before book 1, and originally it was Lepsi’s skull found in Stopover. Before I finished book 3 [Boomtown Craze], I knew that couldn’t be true. Fortunately, I hadn’t boxed myself into his death.

Beyond the Edge was written for those awesome, supportive fans. Craze and his companions find out what happened to Lepsi and more than they wanted to know.

What are your thoughts on fans influencing your story?


M. Pax-- Inspiring the words she writes, she spends her summers as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory in stunning Central Oregon where she lives with the Husband Unit and two demanding cats. She writes science fiction and fantasy mostly. You can find out more by visiting her at: 


LEXA CAIN has this very special COVER REVEAL. 


Lexa’s Cover Reveal Challenge

Can you find the error on this cover?
To win a prize, find the cover error in each of these 10 blogs:

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PK Hrezo -
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For the correct cover, rules, and prize list, go to


SOUL CUTTER releases from MuseItUp Publishing on December 6, 2013.

and now for some small things to celebrate

  • I'm celebrating getting through an estate sale of my mom's home without crumbling. 
  • I'm celebrating rounding the half-way mark on my sequel to Alligators Overhead. 29K as of last week.
  • I'm celebrating October and all its fallness.
  • I'm celebrating not shooting Blogger or Comcast--hold me back!
Hope you'll buy Mary's books. Find the error on Lexa's cover. And be sure to visit others in the Celebration of the Small things and tell us what you're celebrating. 


  1. Woohoo! My last clue!

    Congrats all around. ;)

  2. Yes, very glad it's fall!
    Lexa's cover reveal was sheer genius.
    Fans definitely influence my series, Mary. Made me write more books and introduce a female lead.

    1. Some 5th graders wrote they wanted a girl in the next book. They'll get it.

  3. Glad to see I'm not the only one with an extra long post - I think Fridays are getting full.

    PK - rocks!

    Another find in the cover reveal too!
    I'm getting there!

  4. Go ahead and shoot Blogger anyway.

    The final book in my series was for the fans. They wanted one on Heather. She drove me nuts writing the book, but it turned out to be the best one.

    1. I think I will take aim. Very frustrating. Great about the book.

  5. Woo hoo! Great cover! I think it's cool that fans influence an author's work. What a compliment.

    1. Absolutely. Great to find out about the interaction.

  6. This is so much fun. I found another error in Lexa's cover.
    Best luck to Mary Pax and her book.
    And C. Lee, I have an invitation for you at the cave. Dragon Hugs!

  7. Found the error. :))

    And congrats to Mary. What a thrill to be able to write a series and please her fans by giving them what they want.

  8. I'm loving fall this year, too. Last year we still had summer going on until Thanksgiving.

    Happy Weekend!

  9. Yay to Fall! and Yay to reaching the half-way mark.
    Both books look great - oh, my TBR list is growing and growing.

  10. Found this error quickly after struggling elsewhere.

    Great post Mary... loving fans and their influences.

    And yes, I too love Autumn; it means the horrendous heat with begin its journey toward bearable. :)

  11. It took me a while, but I found it! Thanks all for the visit. Now I must go see if I can find the errors in all the other covers.

    Toast to both ladies who write.

  12. (I see it lol)

    Congrats on your celebrations!

  13. Mary, I think the fan response has been so supportive of your story and these characters that they are invested in how it turns out. So, given that, yeah I totally understand why you would change the story. Sounds like you realized killing off that character was a bad idea!!! Each time I read something about your books, I tell myself I MUST start that series!

    Lexa...I found it!

  14. Found it Lexa! I love this idea for a cover reveal! It's so much fun. Like an anti-treasure hunt.

  15. Thank you, Lee! You're awesome.

    Sorry for the estate sale. That must have been hard. Glad you're making progress on your sequel.

    Major congrats to Lexa!

    It's funny how that happens, Alex.

    Glad I'm not alone, Diane.

    I think so, Julie. Mostly, it's because I appreciate having some.

    Thank you, Al.

    I think it's in an author's best interest, LG

    They are a treasure, Shah.

    Glad to hear that, Robin. I think it's important to listen to those who like what we do.

    1. It has been a wild day. I'm tired. Bet you are too.

  16. I think it's cool that your (Mary) is taking her fans wants into consideration. We've all heard of authors alienating fans.

  17. This is such a cool idea for a cover reveal. So pleased the sale of your mom's estate went well, it can be such a stressful time.

  18. I found the error on Lexa's cover! I can see how fans might influence though I haven't experienced that - yet!

  19. Congrats to Mary and Lexa!

    I think it's awesome that fans feel enough for your characters to actually email you and chat about them! Good for you for incorporating their suggestions. Fans are like super beta readers. :)

  20. My fans probably wouldn't object if I turned them into aliens, Holly. :D

    You will, Marcy.

    They are, River, and I'd be nowhere without them.

  21. Hey Lee,

    Mary, I love what you do. Heck, even Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar, loves what you do. We even love your books. Now then, must do something about my fan pressure. Where's the "on" switch on my fan....

    Lexa's covers are revealing themselves all over the place. I looked at the list of those involved. Wow, such an amazing group of bloggers. The only one I've never heard of is, "Klahanie". Much check that one out. Is it worth reading?

    Relieved that you got through the estate sale of your mom's home without falling to bits.

    Congrats on having 29K. That takes some doing counting each word.

    Yay to fallness. Unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere where they are celebrating all its springness.

    Blogger is a pain in the butt. Hotmail is trying to destroy me.

    Bonus points for yet another incredible comment from me, yes me, shy and humble me?

    Still your starstruckest fan, Lee.

    Penny's alleged human,


  22. Always look forward to your comments. Paws up and waving back.

  23. I love the idea of fans influencing a story, how fun. What a great compliment to Mary as a writer that fans care enough to get involved with the characters.

    So impressed with Lexa's reveal! And glad you made it through the estate sale, Lee. Congrats on being half-way through your follow-up book!

  24. Great guest post, Mary! I haven't yet had anything to give in to fans except they want me to write longer works. I am going to put out a few novels next year! Lexa's cover reveal is awesome. And yay for you, Lee. :)

  25. If the fans aren't pleased, what's the point? I think you're doing the wise thing listening to them.

    Does the sphinx have a mono brow in this one? Not really seeing what's wrong here!

  26. I think it's awesome that readers love your story so much, Mary they want to give you feedback, and nothing wrong with them influencing your story:)

    Great error placement on this cover, Lexa:)

  27. Mary: always nice to know fan letters are appreciated :)

    Found the cover mistake; this is fun.

    No, I'm ready to shoot blogger and Comcast both too. I'm thinking I should try living without cable and internet for a while.

    Have a good weekend.


  28. Thank you Gary and Penny.

    It will be you soon enough, Julie.

    You will have them bursting your inbox soon enough, Christine.

    It is wise, Elizabeth.

    I never thought it would happen, Tania.

    Fan mail is the best, Donna.

  29. Mary, I never thought about fan input...probably because I've never imagined I'd have any. But I cannot imagine a more wonderful thing than people loving your characters and being interested in knowing what will happen to them next. That's great!

    Lee, congrats on surviving the estate sale, and I'm thrilled there will be a sequel to Alligators Overhead. Woohoo!

    Thank you so very much for helping with my reveal! It's been an awesome day. :-)

  30. Great things to celebrate, Lee. And this cover idea of Lexa's is fun, fun, fun! Mary's book looks and sounds awesome. LOTS to celebrate, isn't there?

    M.L. Swift, Writer

  31. well who wouldn't want to find him if he looks like that hunk from the pic? :)

  32. Your time is coming, Lexa.

    Thank you, Michael.

    Happy weekend, Dezmond.

  33. Glad you had these fab things to celebrate - big big hugs with the sale of your mum's house.

    Take care

  34. I rather liked this error in Lexa's cover... =)

  35. Congrats on the half way mark!

  36. Very creative reveal for Lexa! Love the cover!

  37. Yeah for M. Pax and Lexa!

    It was so fun to learn how Mary's fans influenced her. I think that is awesome. Stephanie and I have taken advice from the 5th graders in her class who listened to the first two or three versions of our book. Hearing from our target audience was so helpful and we ended up changing a few things. :)

    Lexa's cover idea is so fun. So far I have found two errors and I am making my way to the different posts.

  38. Congrats on getting to the half-way point in your novel! It can't have been easy selling your mom's home, but at least you didn't have to wait years...

    I think I found one error in Lexa's cover. :)


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