Friday, July 26, 2013

How You Can Celebrate Small Things and Raise Your Amazon Rankings

Thanks to Scribblings of An Aspiring Author
I'm celebrating Getting Reviews as one way to improve your sales and your ranking.

Have you tried STORY CARTEL to ask for reviews?  I just put ALLIGATORS OVERHEAD up on their site. The basic listing is free with an option to pay for more book exposure in their newsletter. You give reviewers a free ebook in exchange for an honest review. I added a chance to win 3 $10 Amazon gift certificates, but you can also add an autographed copy of your book. I'll let you know how or if this works.

Another way to boost your Amazon number is through short stories, small stories with BIG meaning burrowed inside. I think they're harder for me to write than novels because I have to pack a lot in and do it in a small space. Most of the short stories I celebrate are those that require me to interpret, not escape. If I'm lucky I can have a bit of both. And those with a bit of both are the kind I try to write. It has been a challenge, but I've managed to publish two short stories, and I hope I've succeeded in tantalizing the readers' interpretive talents and also let them escape if only for a while.

When I contributed Premeditated Cat to the anthology of short stories, The First Time, I did it because I wanted to see if I could write to a deadline and a theme that someone else set out.

When I contributed Into The Sea of Dew to Two and Twenty Dark Tales, I did it because I wanted to see if I could write a retelling.

I discovered that I could accomplish all of that. Whew! What I didn't discover until later was that I could boost my Author Ranking on Amazon by being included in these anthologies.

If you check your profile on Amazon Authors Central, you should see the list of your books. Be sure all of them are included. Don't forgot those anthologies with your stories. Amazon ranks you in different categories. Some of these you might not even write in, but if you're in an anthology that's included in this category, you will be, too.

Now that's a reason to celebrate, isn't it?

Here's the list of others who are celebrating the SMALL things this week. Stop by. Say hi!


  1. I'm in two anthologies, so I'll have to check that!

  2. I'm currently trying reviews and short stories. Both fun!

  3. Participating in more anthologies is something I am looking into. I also need to check that my author page has everything in order. Thanks for sharing and much needed reminder.

  4. I didn't know about the Story Cartel. Thanks so much for all of these suggestions!

  5. It's been a while since I looked at my author page on Amazon. I need to do that.

  6. I just heard about Story Cartel. Sounds like a win/win for authors and readers!

  7. What wonderful advice! I hope the Story Cartel works out and can't wait to hear more about it. Also- great idea about the short stories!

    Thanks so much, Lee!

  8. Haven't heard of Story Cartel until now. Thanks!

  9. I'll be curious to hear how that site works out.

    I think you're write that short stories need to have some interpretation, to be mulled over, more like poetry than longer works.

  10. Love the covers of both those anthologies! They sound really interesting, too. :)

  11. Great advice.... I'm not there yet, but I certainly will squirrel this information away...

    A wonderful way to celebrate!!! Anthologies are a fantastic way to show off your writerly skills and they are usually for such a good cause.

    Gave a great weekend, C.Lee

  12. Thanks for the review tip, C Lee. I need more reviews. Will take a look. Having short stories published in anthologies is good. I recently discovered I could add them to my list. Chicken Soup books are a place for short stories too, but they are true stories.

  13. ooohhh.. I think I will check out those books. Have a great weekend :)

  14. It's wonderful that you like to read/write thoughtful-but-enjoyable books. I love escapism, but I also love when I can find deeper meanings hidden inside something enjoyable. It's like a chocolate with a yummy filling! Thanks for the info about the Book Cartel and the Amazon rankings. :-)

  15. love this advice! i love short story writing! must try it!

  16. This is great info.

    I breathe to write short stories. Love them. It is difficult to write them. So few words to work with.

  17. You are one smart lady C.Lee...
    Thanks for sharing!
    Writer In Transit

  18. What wonderful and positive advice. Loved this post!

  19. Greetings Lee,

    Great posting! Thanks for sharing!

    Okay, I really loved this post and great advice and ooh I shall check out the books. This Sorry Cartel, this Story Cartel looks like a great way to get further attention to your stuff. I hope it proves successful for your incredibly pleasant self.

    Although I would never make mention of ME, I wrote a short story, along with a sickeningly twee poem to accompany it on Damyanti's site. Imagine that.

    I celebrate your celebration. Celebrate good times...come on! Before I go, did I notice this was a Blog Hop!? Yes I did! And thus, arrrggggghhhhh!!! Have you removed your cowgirl boots and got that scents, sorry, sense of writing inspiration?

    As ever, your starsruckest fan,


  20. I didn't know that about anthologies and rankings. Very interesting.


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