Friday, March 22, 2013

Small Things Like "If" & My A-Z Theme Reveal

A viklit Creation

One syllable.
Two letters.
Very small, yet offering amazing possibilities. How would you complete any of these sentences?

If I could be anything I'd be. . .
If I had three wishes they'd be. . .
If I could go anywhere in the universe I'd go. . .
If I could contribute one great thing to this world, I like it to be. . .

Here are my answers:

. . . I'd be me, only a little taller!

. . . they'd be to have four wishes just in case the first three didn't work out.

. . . I'd go to another universe just to see how big things really are out there.

. . . a line of bright, entrepreneurial, philanthropic descendants.


And now *Drum Roll* my A-Z Theme

But wait, revealing it by just saying what it is, isn't much fun. How about one those clever riddles that my friends over at The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow?

I'm long and short and carry loads far bigger than most things my size.
I twist tongues, delight people who see me, and reveal so much about the inner life.
When I'm in good company I'm exciting, but when I'm not, I soon lose my sparkle.
I have a very large family and a long history.

What am I?


  1. The power of if...such a tiny, mighty word.

    And I think my brain is just not ready for your "riddle me this." Too early and no caffeine yet lol!!

  2. Too early in the morning - I have no idea!
    And I'd be just me as well.

  3.'d be taller. I'm sure you are your perfect size. :-)

  4. Loved your what ifs. Not sure what your theme is but I know we'll find out.

  5. Hi Lee ... the Power of If .. if only .. but I'd be me - not sure what I'd do if I was someone else!

    Your riddle .. I'm not good at these any time of the day ... riddledy riddle - animal antics A-Z???

    Cheers Hilary

  6. I think everyone wishes for more wishes - and they never seem to work out right anyway, although your wishes are so sweet, I hope they do.
    Congrats on the great theme, and I'm stumped by the riddle. :P

  7. I'm very BAD with riddles so unfortunately I'm no fun... err, one more hint?

    IF, small and powerful and full of hope. Love it.

  8. Love your last if!

    My guess for the A-Z is bugs.

  9. Sparkle? Fireflies? I need more coffee, too.

    If is the best question to ponder. :)

  10. I was thinking the answer might be "words"...but I'm just reaching here :)

    "If" is one of my favorite words...especially paired with "what"....

  11. If, such a small word but one filled with endless possibiliies.

  12. Love your last wish especially. So is your theme riddles? I'm not good at those, especially on days like today when my sleep has been lacking.

    BTW, I'm having a giveaway to celebrate 100 blog followers. :)

  13. If I could be anything I would be the sea.
    If I had three wishes they would be inner peace, inner peace and inner peace.
    If I could go anywhere in the universe I would go to the Sun
    If I could contribute anything to this world, I like it to be respect. Respect for women, respect for each other, respect for nature and wildlife and resources. Respect.

  14. As always I so love to hear from each of you. I answer you individually via email, but for those who are sensible and do not want to be overwhelmed by my messages, I come here.

    @Southpaw Thank you. I truly believe our children are the most valuable gift to the world.

    @Mark we need to talk! You are brilliant.

    @Suzanne I love this little word.

    @Nancy congrats on those 100 followers. I'll stop in and see what you have going on in the way of celebration.

    @Viklit This is one of my favorite Hops. Thanks for coming up with it.

    @Al Diaz You are one major Dragon Spirit! All of your "ifs" speak to me.

  15. I love your "IF" musings....
    And your riddle got my brains in a knot...

  16. I'd wish for more wishes.

    I'm thinking your theme has to do with language and its complexities.

  17. This is a fabulous riddle! I am going to guess a storyteller- however, I am still mulling it over : ) ~ Jess

  18. OK, I came back...
    I'm so bad. A kindle/Nook? A laptop? A pen? lol I'm so desperate with the need to know... #AmPathetic :D

    1. I've been trying to visit your blog, S.K. No luck. It keeps spitting me out!

  19. "If I had three wishes, I'd wish for four."

    I'll remember that if I ever get three wishes. :)

  20. If's actually one of my favorite words. I adore it in the phrase "What if...". Not so much in "If only."

  21. I love the "if" word. It's so powerful. When connected to other words it can take on such positive meanings. Here's the raspberry to the negative meanings it can have!

  22. hm..."they'd be to have four wishes just in case the first three didn't work out." love this. :)

  23. Oh, this is so great! So impressed with your A-Z challenge!

  24. I didn't know Uncle came from that word. Cool!


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