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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Whatcha Reading? Her Grammarness Has a Sense of Humor . . .Kind Of

I've just finished May This Be the Best Year of Your Life by Bornstein and Blindsided by Kyra Lynnon, and my reviews are up HERE.

I won Keeper of the Lost City from The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow and so now I'm off on a wild adventure fantasy, written for middle grade readers.

I love that I can read anything and find something of value in all of them. So . . .whatcha reading?


Her Grammarness

I'm a huge fan of Richard Lederer, and I've kept many of his articles I've read over the years because they made me laugh. We all know how embarrassing it is to write something, then discover it has grammatical errors. Even Her Grammarness knows how that feels. *Face grows red.*

But here's a fellow who knows how not to embarrass himself. Thanks for sharing this, Mr. Lederer.

A Zoo keeper who lost two of his animals in a fire wrote to a zoological supply company:
Dear Sirs,
Please send me two mongooses.

When he re-read the letter, he thought it didn't sound right, so he tried again.
Dear Sirs,
Please send me two mongeese.

That plural sounded even worse, so he wound up with:
Dear Sirs,
Please send me a mongoose, and while you're at it send me another mongoose.

Do you ever write around a grammar issue that you're not sure of? What are the sticky wickets of standard written English for you?


Is everyone ready for the A-Z Blogging Challenge? Eeeek! Gotta go. I have a lot to do before April.


  1. So awesome you won Keeper of the Lost Cities. I really liked it. And I'm giving away Shannon's YA book, Let the Sky Fall now, if you want to enter. It's a really good read.

    I'm just finishing The Runaway King by Jennifer Nielsen. It's the second book in her series and is so very awesome. I'll be spotlighting it next month and am super excited to share it.

  2. Ha. I often find myself trying to write around something if I'm not too sure how it is supposed to be written.

    You've got some reading enjoyment ahead of you. I've got my head in the writing cave. Not sure when I'll be coming out lol!

  3. Great cover for Keeper!
    What am I reading? A few things at once. A book on indie publishing, an adult novel called An Age of Madness about a psychologist and her estranged daughter; one of Kelly Hashway's novels, and geez, I can't even remember all of the stuff on my Kindle Fire right now!

  4. We love Keeper of the Lost Cities at my house!

  5. Congratulations on winning the book!
    I'll try to figure out the correct way, but if all else fails, yes, I write around it.

  6. Yeah I just write around it :D

    Thanks for the laugh!

  7. I so want to read Keeper of the Lost Cities...
    And as for the plural of mongoose, it's mongooses. Take it from one who knows, having grown up with them being in abundance in the islands.

  8. Oh yeah, and I just finished reading The Marvelous Land of Oz. Hadn't read it since I was a young, young. Simply delightful. I'm now reading Ozma of Oz.

  9. Keepers is really, really good. I finished a few months, ago. I'm soooooooooo glad Shannon was persistent in her quest for publication. She is quite talented.

  10. I loved Keeper - I bet you will too!

    I'm pretty good with most grammar, but lay/laid/lie can drive me nuts!

  11. I have been wanting to read Keeper of Lost Keys! How lucky that you won it. :)

    I definitely write around grammar problems- and spelling ones, too! Sometimes it is easier to change things up! Especially with things that trip me up.

  12. Yes, I write around grammar issues...and under them and over them...


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