Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thundering Luv? Cover Reveal & Partay! Her Grammarness Goes On & On

New Books & Book Event

We have to have some LOVE on Valentine's Day, so LM Preston has provided us with her latest book and it's all about that subject.

Cover Reveal Ta da!

Here's the next book in the Luv series by LM Preston. This is a stand alone story, but if you want at taste of this series before you get your copy of Thundering Luv, just pick up a copy of Summer of Luv for $.99 at all ebook retailers.

Thundering Luv--a Short Story-YA Romance: Jewel has always been able to get the guy she wanted. The starting jock on the football team, the team captain on the basketball team, and the lead swimmer on the swim team. Problem is, she didn't find them the least bit exciting. Was she cold or a she-wolf for guys? Colin thought so, and he'd do anything to bring her down a peg or two. When these two collide on the sandy beach during their mixed up summer vacation,  sparks fly, making this a summer neither will forget.
Does this cover look hot, or what?

Release DateJune 1st, 2013
Format: Ebook Only Release, but will be part of a print book in 2014 that includes 3 short YA Summer Romances by LM Preston to include (Flutter Of Luv, Thundering Luv, and Double Trouble Luv)

FREE BOOK1 in the ‘Summer Luv’ series of short stories by LM Preston. Flutter Of Luv, to each person who:

  • comments within 2 days of the cover reveal
  • adds this book to their TBR list over at goodreads OR "like" Flutter of Luv at Amazon. (leave your like# in your comment here.

You're invited to join in the fun at the  Facebook Release Party: May, 18th, 2013 combined party with LM Preston's 2013 releases.


Her Grammarness

The Continuing Saga of The Amateur Writer: We all have to be amateurs at the start, but we don't have to stay that way, do we? However, if amateur status is your goal, here are some things (semantic as well as grammatical) to include in your stories

Body parts that take on a life of their own:
  • Her hand flew to her mouth. (This is an interesting image. Wonder if she ducked?)
  • His eyes shot toward her. (Yikes! Incoming.)
  • The girl's head dropped onto the table. (That would ruin any meal.)

Which: use liberally and be sure it never connects with its noun:
  • I didn't write the story, which was very tragic. (Tragic that you didn't write the story or did you mean that the story was tragic? Oh dear, we'll never know.)
  • The aardvark ate the gorilla, which was truly amazing. (An amazing act, indeed for anything, especially the aardvark; however, just what is "truly amazing"--the eating of the gorilla or the gorilla itself?
Have you read any of these in WIP's? I have. I think I even found a few in some early writing at the back of my bookshelf. Incinerated now!


  1. That is a fabulous cover. Talk about electric chemistry!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day, ladies! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

  3. A she-wolf...that's intriguing!

    You are such a grammar master. I fear you a little. :)

  4. Ah, Elizabeth that is a great comment! Thanks for making me smile.

  5. Lee - I'm posting this for my main human, Mike:

    You are so right about body parts taking on a life of their own in sloppily crafted litra-choor! But sometimes it can be done for comic effect.

    For instance, re "His eyes shot toward her. (Yikes! Incoming.)" - When I was a little jug-eared kid, there was parody singing duo called Homer and Jethro. One of their songs was a send-up of a Jo Stafford hit, "You Belong to Me." And the only lyric that has stuck in my mind over the years is: "She rolled her big blue eyeballs at me / I picked 'em up and rolled 'em back."

    Both the original (and beautiful!) Stafford version and the Homer and Jethro crucifixion of "You Belong to Me" are on YouTube. For a good time, check 'em out!

  6. Love LM's cover.

    I confess that I might be guilty of some of your grammar mistakes. Thanks for sharing so we can see what we might be doing wrong.

  7. Love the cover.

    Hahaha your grammar comments had me chortling. :-D

  8. I love your new blog cover! excellent!

    And the book sounds great, LM! Congrats!

  9. Love the cover. Stunning.

    Happy Valentines Day, LM!

  10. Congrats to LM!

    Happy Valentines, LEE!

  11. Oh gorgeous cover!!!

    When I was in seventh grade, my English teacher used this example:

    The woman walked her beagle in a tweed suit.

    :D Happy Valentine's day!!

  12. Whoops! I think I've done both mistakes quite a few times. Must recheck. Very enlightening, as always. Best of lucks to LM!

  13. Hi Lee - I do sometimes question phrases or sentences and become bemused by some constructions ... but being a complete dummy when it comes to grammar - it happens good or bad - but I'd love to learn properly sometime a quick course in English grammar ...

    Fun examples you've given us .. cheers Hilary

  14. Congrats to LM! The cover looks very enticing!
    I'm sure that I've made some of the same writing blunders Lee.


  15. Yes, that head dropping to the table would definitely be a meal-ruiner. :)

  16. Smokin' hot cover!! I put the book on my Goodreads tbr. Thanks for the free novelette. :)

    jinkyisreading at gmail dot com

  17. Take two...

    Great cover, LM! It sounds like a fun short story. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway. :)

    Also- thanks for the grammar tips. I am sure these are both things that I need to continue to work on. Reminders are always good.:)


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