Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Miscellany: Neumarian Uprising and Some Other Important Stuff, Too

Neumarian Uprising

We need your help! Thanks to our spy, Ciara Knight, we are able to communicate with you today via blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media.The Neumarian uprising has begun. We are fighting for freedom and equality for all, but we need your help. Ciara informed us that you might want to know more about the uprising and why we ask you to risk your lives for our cause. To answer these questions I’ve agreed to let Ciara tell my sister’s, Raeth’s, story about her captivity. It will be free for you on a site called Amazon until March 1, 2013.

Our spies have told us this will help spread the word and find more recruits for our rebellion against the tyrannical queen. You can help by simply downloading a free copy of  

Weighted, a prequel to the Neumarian Chronicles. If you are intrigued and wish to follow our uprising, Escapement, book I of The Neumarian Chronicles, will be available for only $2.99 until March 1, 2013.

Here is a brief explanation of her telling of our uprising:

Ten years after the great war of 2185 the queen’s reign is threatened by uprisings and fear. In celebration of my sixteenth birthday it is my duty as princess to sacrifice a slave to be initiated into the ruling council, solidifying my mother’s empire. When my own erratic powers surface I’m captured and tried for treason. Slaves hate me, my mother wants me executed, and my only chance of survival rests in the hands of a young man, Ryder Arteres, whose sister I sentenced to death.

If you'd like a peek into our world, please view this short YOU TUBE clip. Then, of course, enter to win your own copy.

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Now for some Miscellany

I couldn't possibly have Monday Miscellany unless I had something miscellaneous to include along with this major rebellion to report. So here are some fascinating items that I know will improve your day or your mind or something.

  • Did you know that Lady Gaga had a labral tear in her hip and had to cancel the Born This Way Ball? Ouch.

  • Did you know that major league baseball didn't come to the Pacific Coast until 1958? Huh? Why are we always last to get stuff?

  • Did you know that the dome of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican was struck my lightning two times in the hours just after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation.  Now that's headline news.
That's all folks. Are you off to buy your copy of Escapement? Have any juicy miscellany to share? 


  1. I feel like such a rebel being a part of the Neumarian uprising.

    I don't know what a labral tear is but if it lead to cancelling an affair, it must have been something terrible.

    And no, did not know about the lightening strikes. Have to admit...interesting timing.

  2. Interesting about the lightening strikes... As for something misc. there are snakes on my blog!

    The cover for the book is awesome. I'm off to enter the contest.

  3. Yeah for Ciara!
    Those lightning strikes might mean something...

  4. So, so exciting to launch a book into the world! The best to you Ciara!

    Lightening strikes -- Wowza!

  5. Great plot lines! I'm reading Weighted right now. Congrats, Ciara!

  6. I'll have to go get my copies. Bets of luck to Ciara!
    I saw the reports of the lightning. I thought it was pretty awesome!

  7. I saw the lightning strikes on the news. Totally freaked me out.

    Thanks so much for joining the uprising. Ryder wanted me to tell you how brave you are to defy the queen. He wanted to tell you himself but he's so busy with the uprising.

  8. Sounds like a cool book!

    And poor Lady Gaga! I imagine performing several times a week can take a toll? My best friend was supposed to see her on Valentine's Day but it was cancelled a few days before. Hope she has a speedy recovery so her fans can see her again!

  9. Sounds like a great book.

    And I hadn't heard about the lightening. Interesting.

  10. Great cover.

    We live near the 62 foot statue of Jesus that was struck by lightning in July 2010. (Also known as "Big Butter Jesus.") Unfortunately, it wasn't fireproof and went up in flames.

  11. Congrats, Ciara!

    I lived in Arkansas for a few years and always that was the last place on earth to get anything.

  12. I wish I had some fun, strange news but everything is quiet out here.

  13. I heard that about the Vatican. What a coincidence, eh??

    And congrats to Ciara!

  14. Yay for Ciara! The lightning could have been because of her uprising too. You never know... ;)

  15. Thanks for the amazing giveaway. I don't have an ereader- yet (hoping for one for my birthday this week). But- I told Stephanie and she got Weighted. I know she has been wanting to read it for a while. :)

    What fascinating facts- especially the lightning!

  16. @LD Masterson Big Butter Jesus? That I would have been interested in seeing.

    @L. Diane Wolfe That make me feel a bit better! At least CA is the last in all things.

    @Carrie You're always so supportive of writers.

    @Southpaw You're lucky.

    @Pk Coincidence or evidence of someone being upset with how things are going down here! :-)

    @Laura Congrats to you, too! And if Numerians cause lightning that would be a super explanation.

    @DMS Hope you love your ereader!

  17. Congrats to Ciara! I had no idea about that other news. Poor Lady Gaga.

  18. I'm a part of the uprising! Yay for Ciara!

    Lightning strikes at that particular time? The word "coincidence" DOES NOT fit into this scenario...

  19. Definitely getting Escapement today. Can't wait to devour it. ;-)

    I know lots of miscellany. Here's one:

    All people of European descent are related to each other. After the black death, the European population was smaller than the mathematical amount of people in out ancestries in that generation. (I.E. if the black death had happened in your grandparent's generation, the European population would have been three instead of four.)

  20. Yaay, Ciara!!! And wow. That lightening thing is kinda creepy! :P

    Have a super week, CL~ :o) <3

  21. Right decision or wrong decision. I wonder what the lightning strikes mean.

    Wishing Ciara lots of success.

  22. I've already entered for this really neat book, so I'm glad you are promoting it but also glad you also had some fun misc. stuff for me to read too. So funny (scary!) about the lightning strikes and the pope!

  23. What a fantastic cover for Escapement! It looks like an awesome book with great exposure, I'm seeing the reveal everywhere. I'm excited for Ciara!

  24. Woot for the uprising!

    That tear in the hip sounds really painful. Ouch, indeed.

  25. I will definitely join this uprising! I love Ciara's book cover :)


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