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Monday Miscellany: A Chat With A Demon? How About Something Tamer? Writers4Writers?

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Chat With Naite (Nye-TAY), Demon Guardian.

I don't usually ask to chat with Demons, after all they're not too friendly, but because I like Elizabeth Arroyo, I made an exception this time. Let me introduce her Demon Guardian Naite to you. *A shiver here is appropriate.

Terrified Blogger: Can you give a description of how you look? I mean just in case we run into you at some time and want to say hi. 

Naite: Oh, I'm afraid if you see my true form you'd probably run for the hills. Or wherever you humans run off to when scared out of your wits. Those that have seen my true form are bound to me. You can say it’s love at first sight. But, no, that wouldn't be right, because that person would probably lose their sight. Oh, let's just say I'm everyone and no one. I'm a shadow. A black mist rising from the depth of the earth. If you see anything like that, you give me a holler and we'll have us a great time.

Terrified Blogger: *Gulps water and swipes forehead with delicate lace hankie.*

Have you always been a demon, or did you work your way into the job?

Naite: I was born this way. My father is the second in command of our race. It's good to know someone on the inside. **wink, wink**

Terrified Blogger: *Hastily agrees with several quick nods.*

If you weren't a demon, what would you like to be? I don't suppose accountant is in your career choice mix, right? *Feeble attempt at keeping it light.

Naite: I wouldn't be a babysitter, that's for sure. I've been doing that job for a few thousand years and it's gotten me nowhere. No health care and the pay sucks...totally. I do have a knack for persuading people to do what I want, though it usually involves me slipping into their bodies and that can get nasty. No, I think I'd like to teach Zen Yoga. I need a bit of peace in my life.

Terrified Blogger: *Rolls shoulders back, relieved to hear Naite say the word Zen.*

What's the most exciting part about your job?

Naite: There's never a dull moment while orchestrating the end of the world. But if I have to choose one detail it'd have to be telling un-truths. It's not lying...really. 

Terrified Blogger: Thinks, End of the world?

We humans live with something called regret. You know we make mistakes, then we beat ourselves up about it. Do you ever have regrets about . . . oh say, ripping off heads or things like that?

Naite: Puh-lease. Ripping heads is not my thing. Okay, that's a total lie. It is. But every ripped head had a larger purpose in the grand scheme of things. Humans are just so dramatic. Anyway, regret is a human emotion. I wasn't born human like the other demons who have chosen this line of work. Those third tier demons may have regretted selling their soul, but, oh, well. A deal is a deal. 

Really Terrified Blogger: How many demons do you estimate we have in this world? Do you have any thoughts to share about how to treat demons--just some basic guidelines would be good.
Thinks, Where's the exit?

Naite: Our race has suffered some staff turn-over these past centuries. Something about unhealthy work conditions and unfair treatment have led them to seek opportunities with the angels. Free-will is a killer. 

Some basic guidelines to remember when dealing with demons:
  • We don't like humans. 
  • Everyone is at risk.
  • Tier 1 demons: Avoid the head honcho and his enclave. You can't distinguish them. They have solid human forms and can poof. Yeah, poof. Don't mess with them. If you're on their radar it's way bad. 
  • Tier 2: That would be me. You should really be afraid of me. I have no solid form and move in and out of anyone I please. You can say I'm a tad spoiled. 
  • Tier 3: We are hiring, if you're so inclined to sell us your soul. I refer to that kind of demon as the wannabe's. I really, really don't like these. They are humans who have chosen to become demon and have been given certain powers. These demons are soldiers and do our bidding. 
  • Overall, you should try to avoid us at all cost.
Thank you for hosting me. I have to get back to work doing...well, you'll find out soon enough. 

Terrified Blogger: Now in hiding. And no, I'm not under the bed, so don't look there.

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If you want the full effect of Naite, watch the TRAILER ,but be forewarned. This is spooky.


My Kind of Demon
About DEMONS: They're scary. They started out as angels, and then took on the Big Guy, so he tossed them out of paradise. That made them a tad cranky and, based on these images, kind of ugly. Do you have any favorite demons? Any that scare you more than others? Want to meet Naite in The Second Sign? Want to come hide with me?

To round out this Monday Miscellany, keep an eye out for Writers4Writers today and tomorrow. This month the spotlight's on Gwen Gardner and Melissa Bradley. Want to join in? Here's the Linky.
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  1. I prefer the demon I beat in the Diablo games!

  2. I like demons *rubs hands together*. This is going on my TBR pile.

  3. I'm just glad Terrified Blogger survived the Demon Guardian interview unscathed...well, physically anyway lol!

    Doing my part of support Gwen with tweets and posted on my FB. Hoping she has a great deal of success with this promo :-)

  4. Thanks for the great interview! I enjoyed it and so did Naite. =)

  5. I love a good demon story. I've written a few. I'll put this on my TBR pile.

  6. Love the in-character interview!

    And I just heard about Writers 4 Writers today for the first time and signed up! What a great idea.

  7. Yeah, not typically a huge fan of demons, but I might have to pick this one up. =)

  8. Oh my gosh! I love this interview. I think Naite likes you, C.Lee. :)

  9. LOL at Alex's comment. But there are so many different ones, Alex!

  10. I haven't read any Demon books lately, but this interview is certainly inspiring me to read Second Sign!

  11. Sounds like I would like this book! Thanks for helping Melissa and Gwen for W4Ws!

  12. I'm not a demon fan, but this looks good. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. This was fun! And I think Sheri is right. You lived! lol

    Thanks everyone for your great comments.

  14. The last demon book I read would be the Dementors in HP last year.

    Best wishes to Elizabeth!

    And thanks for the W4WS shout out!

  15. I, too, love a good demon story. Great interview!

  16. Super intrigued by the demons. I'll have to check it out...and then not sleep for a week!!

  17. Thanks for your comments. don't want to mess with the demons in TSS. =)

  18. Fun interview. Demons sound a bit like sociopaths!

  19. Cute interview. You are a brave one to interview a demon!

  20. Talk about a devilishly good interview. And fun, too.

    Sounds like an intriguing book. Usually, the only thing even close to demons that I like is a big hunk of devil's food cake. But I might have to give this books a look-see. Thanks for the heads-up.

  21. Great interview! And it's good to know the basics when dealing with demons. :)

  22. What an interesting interview! I don't think I have read about demons since dementors in HP- but I am curious! :)

  23. Great interview, although it was creepy to read since demons terrify me.

  24. =)
    I am terrified of demons too. And they are terrifying in TSS. Naite is just having a good day.

  25. Ooo! Demons! They can be fun to write about. I don't think I'd like to meet one though. :)

  26. Demons are in the Untouchable League for me. Where are you hiding? I might join if there is enough room for a dragon. :)

  27. Glad my kids are old enough that I don't have to hire any demon babysitters: though they could've come in handy.


  28. Great interview! I usually try to avoid things that can poof. :)


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