Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Miscellany or I'm a Winning Fool & Small Things Hop (That's ambiguous on purpose.)

I'm a Winning Fool

Kyra Lennon bestowed a copy of her book, Blindsided on me. It arrived!  Thanks, Kyra. I'm excited about reading your story.

Then The Secret DMS Files of Fairday Morrow saw to it that Simon and Schuster sent me a copy of a fabulous Middle Grade story called  Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. The cover alone makes me which I'd written this one.

I've got me some reading to do!

I did read Every Day, which I won from Cece M. Robert a few weeks ago. And I reviewed it. If you'd like to read that review, it's on AMAZON and GOODREADS. Thanks Cece.

Now for the Miscellaneous bits:

Celebrating The Small Things


(This should have come on Friday, but call it either early or late this week.)

1. I planted my first lettuce, spinach and broccoli of the season in my greenhouse.

2. I brushed my cat. Now that's not an easy thing to do, even if I include it here as "small,"  since this cat came from some bushy Persian strain of animal. She's knots and more knots every week.

3. I found the top of my desk, well, parts of it. Finding any surface space required stacking and sorting. Small, but immensely important.

4. I wrote two notes to friends in Europe--longhand. Felt great.

My favorite quote for the day:

Substitute “damn” every time you’re inclined to write “very;” your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be. - Mark Twain

Do you enter to win books? If so, what books are you winning? Any recommendations? How about those simple things that you're doing? If you don't enter this Hop, tell us what you're doing that's not earth shattering, but important to you. If you say you've just finished a Nobel winning novel, you're banished for a while. Any favorite quotes I can snag for future use? 


  1. I didn't thing you can brush cats but this proves you can learn something new every day. Good for you. I still can't see the top of my desk, but I am sure something unearthly dwells there already.

    Cheers for the small things. :)

  2. Congratulations on getting those books. And you could always shave your cat. Of course then it would look like a rat and that wouldn't be good.

  3. Those books look like great reads. And, I love your celebration of small things. Cats are never easy to brush, but they're worth it.

  4. Brushing a cat? You are brave. And I signed up for the Little Things Bloghop too.

  5. I just finished reading Every Day too. Compelling and interesting to think about.

  6. I love that Mark Twain quote. So true!

  7. Congratulations on the wins! I do so want to read Keeper of the Lost Cities. And the quote from Twain is damn appropriate!

    As for simple things? Made a nice stew over the week-end. Took my dog for a walk this morning. Kissed my hubby.

  8. I finished reading Keepers a bit ago. Awesome!! You can not only hear the characters' voices but Shannon's too.

  9. I'll have to remind my husband to start his vegies too. He'll be impressed with my forethought ;)

  10. Celebrating the small things is wonderful. It's the small things that can build up to big successes. And you've got some wonderful books mentioned here. WOOT! Great reading, I'm sure of it :-)

  11. I can't blame for wanting to have written it, that cover is awesome.

  12. Hi Lee .. I love Kyra's book cover ... Blindsided looks a good read ..

    Every Day sounds interesting ...

    Your small things add up to a few ... well done for hitting the greenhouse ... old pussy cats they usually purr and growl simultaneously ...

    Oh my desk .. where art thou?

    You're writing proper letters - excellent ...

    Cheers Hilary

  13. Small things are so worthy to celebrate! Each day has victories when we look at the small things we've done. Too often we focus on the big things and are certain we're falling short. But, lots of small things slowly add up to that big thing.

  14. Welcome to the hop. I was late posting, too. Will try harder this week.

  15. Brushing cats? Yes I know how hard this one can be. I have two cats, the older one will let you groom her quite placidly but the youger one - well you take your life in your hands! Good job she makes a pretty good job of it herself.

  16. Thanks for the shout out, Lee. Just read your review on GR: :)
    Wow, Congrats, Kyra. Blindedsided sounds really great.

  17. A friend of mine has two Persians and I've watched her brush them. It's not easy. They always seem to get mats.

    Your number four made me laugh!

  18. LOL- my kitty actually loves it, as long as it's accompanied by a spanking : ) Your reading list looks great! Thanks for sharing : ) ~ Jess

  19. Ooh those are some awesome books to read. You gotta brush those cats. I use the Furminator and it works wonders! :D

  20. you do have a lot of reading to do!
    and i dont doubt brushing kitty is a task!
    yay for your accomplishments!

  21. Lucky you scoring all those wonderful books! I recently won a copy of CINDER, which I have wanted to read. Lucky me! : )

    And I love that Mark Twain quote!

  22. Sounds like you've received some great books! Glad you found the top of your desk, and I love the Mark Twain quote. Julie

  23. I've yet to find the top of my desk... I've stopped searching ;)

  24. Congrats on getting the books and OMG BRUSHING YOUR CAT. That does not sound easy ;) YAY to celebrating!


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