Thursday, December 6, 2012

Two and Twenty Dark Tales & Day Laughs Night Cries

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Two and Twenty Dark Tales

Giveaway with signed bookplates

 DARK retellings of nursery rhymes.

I will a very lucky reader a copy of  Two & Twenty Dark Tales, which will have a signed bookplate included. Authors who signed the bookplate: Nina Berry, Suzanne Lazear, Nancy Holder, Gretchen McNeil and Moi!
I will also send these bookplates to 3 other readers, so they can add it to their copy of Two & Twenty Dark Tales.
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Hop on this today! We're featuring Nancy Thompson's MISTAKEN. 


New Books

Peaches Ledwidge's 

Day Laughs Night Cries 

Getting 5 Stars on Amazon!

During the light of day, young Peaches is quiet, shy, and loved by her mother, the members of her church, and the people of her Jamaican village. But when darkness falls, night brings a catastrophic event that thrusts Peaches to do the unthinkable. Day Laughs, Night Cries - a timeless and universal mother-daughter story - rattles with love and hate, tension and chaos, trust and distrust, hope and despair. It whispers of childhood physical assaults and traumas. It reveals teenage confusion and street survival. This engaging account applauds the resilience of the mother-daughter bond.

Hope you'll check this one out, buy it and review it. Writers need reviews. They help keep us visible. 


Her Grammarness

The Prescriptive Hat

Want to take a little test? Just for fun & maybe a small prize (A FIRST 5 PAGES READ AND CRITIQUE.) for ONE "A" student? Come on. You're good at this stuff. I see straight A's for everybody. In your comment just tell us which ones are incorrect. If you're looking for Xtra credit, make 'em right in the comment. You can also opt out of the crit and just have fun.

  1. Now I lay me down to sleep.
  2. My manuscript lays moldering on my C drive.
  3. Sit down and write if you want to publish a book.
  4. He sits his pen aside and falls across his desk. "The End."
  5. On the parapet, looking wild-eyed like a hungry zombie, I saw Madam Cuthbert.


  1. 4 & 5 seem incorrect! (But I'm not all that sure). The Two and Twenty Dark Tales book looks great. I'm going to buy it to support the writers. Ledwidge's book sounds intense. Good luck for all.

  2. Oh golly, now I have performance anxiety!!
    1. Now I lie down to sleep.
    2. My manuscript lay moldering on my C drive.
    3. correct
    4. He sets his pen aside and falls across his desk.
    5. correct

  3. THanks for the chance to win Two and Twenty Dark Tales! Ive been wanting to read it!

  4. Yay for Two and Twenty Dark Tales!

  5. Two and Twenty Dark Tales looks fantastic!

  6. Fun!

    2. My manuscript lies ...
    3. If you want to publish a book, sit down and write.
    4. He sets ...
    5. On the parapet, I saw Madam Cuthbert, looking wild-eyed like a hungry zombie.


  7. Thanks for the giveaway. Sounds a great book!

  8. Sounds like a great book! :)

    #2 lies
    #4 sets
    #5 depending on who is looking like the zombie - but if it's Mme C, the phrase better come after her name :)

  9. I'm supposing that means your in the book? Awesome, Lee. Much congrats on your continuing momentum.

  10. I would so love to win a copy of Two and Twenty Dark Tales! I got to meet Jessie and Nancy at Decatur :)!


  11. Two and Twenty Darky Tales really looks like an interesting read. Thanks for stopping by :)

  12. I'm guessing all of them are incorrect.

    Thanks for your supportive comment.
    This was fun.


  13. Oops, forgot about the extra credit. And I'm cheating by changing one answer. 3 is correct.

    1) Now I lay down to sleep.
    2) My manuscript lies moldering on my C drive. (But is there such thing as a C drive? And I'm not sure about "lies".
    3) correct
    4) He sets his pen aside and falls across his desk. The End.
    5) On the parapet, I saw Madam Cuthbert looking wild-eyed like a hungry zombie. Or: Looking wild-eyed like a hungry ombie, I saw Madam Cuthrbert on the parapet.


  14. Just like Santa, I'm checking my list and checking it twice to see who has been a naughty grammar person. There are a couple of tricks in my sentences, so take care. :-)

  15. I'm drawing a blank here so I'll just say hi! and those books sound fascinating. I'll check them out :)

  16. It sounds like Day Laughs Night Cries has a lot of emotional conflict. I love the cover!

    2, 4, and 5 are wrong. I think.

  17. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I am intrigued by Two and Twenty Dark Tales!

  18. I so would love a copy of this anthology!!

  19. Hi Lee .. I'd say 2 & 4 are wrong ..

    While I'd love to read the Two and Twenty Dark Tales - sounds an interesting take on nursery rhymes .. they mostly started out dark.

    Cheers Hilary

  20. #1 is correct because "me" is the object. Otherwise it would be "I lie down."
    #2 is incorrect. Should be "My manuscript lies…"
    #3 is incorrect. Should be "If you want to publish a book, sit down and write."
    #4 in incorrect. Should be "He sets his pen aside."
    #5 is incorrect. Should be "On the parapet, I saw…"
    And thanks for offering this giveaway!

  21. Day Laughs Night Cries sounds awesome!
    I think 1, 2 & 4 are incorrect?

  22. Thanks for supporting W4Ws and I would also like to say thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  23. Hey I tweeted about the giveaway. Cool that you're one of the authors. Very cool!
    Thx for stopping by with warm wishes, Lee. I appreciate that!

  24. Oh noes!! A test! My head hurts!! Take care

  25. I'm off to buy Two and Twenty. Must have. As for boo-boos: 1 & 4?

  26. I 'm pretty sure that #1 is wrong, but I really need to a lifeline for the rest! This sounds like quite a book!

  27. Hey there, just letting you know you won a prize in my contest :)


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