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Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Miscellany, Alex Fest, Christmas Recipes.

I'm festing and hopping all over the BlogOSphere today. The holiday season for events is in full swing. Hope you enjoy these because they were a lot of fun to participate it. Sooooooo, without more preamble, here are they are.

Here's the blogfest to wrap up 2012. Those who joined had to respond to 4 questions, which included writing a piece of Flash Fiction (100 words, using all prompts). 

What does Alex look like?

Taut, muscled and stealthy, Alex is truly Ninja head to toe.

Who could play Alex in a documentary?

Johnny Depp is a dead ringer for Alex. I’d say he should play Alex in any documentary.

Who does Alex remind you of?

It depends on the day: Shinobi-Wan Kenobi on his stealthy days and Steve Irwin when he’s stalking alligators.

How Does He Do It?
Nimble Ninja Xela crept forward. His taut, muscled form gliding in silence. Feeling his way in darkness, yet seeing more clearly than ordinary warriors in sunlight, Xela, could be mistaken for Shinobi-Wan Kenobi or—Johnny Depp. He had to bring the list to the NNG (Next Ninja Gathering), and he had to do that without the Listmaker’s knowledge. He stepped up to a lighted window. Inside, the Listmaker slumped at his desk, snoring. In one leap, Xela popped open the window without a sound, slipped the list from under the sleeping man and exited with next week’s book releases.

Now, don't miss the other 5,000 fest posts. 

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Character interviews are always kind of fun. I chose to interview Weasel. He's the twelve-year-old sidekick for my MC in Alligators Overhead. Let's see if I really know this kid. Here's Weasel answering the questions.

Hi, I'm Weasel and just so you know, that's a nickname my dork-head brother laid on me. I'm fine with it, really because my real name kind of sucks. No. It really sucks, so I'm not telling you what it is. They call me a "brainiac." I'm in 7th grade, but I go to the 8th grade class for math because . . . well, I already know 7th grade math.

I'm supposed to say something about how I feel about winter, but I live on the edge of the Ornofree swamp in the southeastern part of the U.S. We don't get too much of what people think is winter. Maybe 60's in the day and 40's at night in December. When we get a winter storm, it's cold and wet. And I like that because sometimes they close school and I can stay home and read, which is what I like most. See? I am a Brainiac.

All I need to laugh out loud on any day is my friend, Pete. He's amazing for making all kinds of mistakes and getting into all kinds of trouble. The problem is, while I'm laughing, I have to figure out how to get him and me out of the trouble he's stirred up. 

I played truth or dare on a camping trip once. I'm not good at lying, so I chose truth all the time. Pete was with me. Guess what he chose?

My best winter memory is the time Pete got caught playing hooky just before Christmas. Principal Pitt gave him detention every day for a week. I had a lot of time to catch up on my reading. I guess by now you know what I do most of the time: work on getting out of trouble that Pete causes or read.

A book would be my best creative Christmas gift ever. I'm reading the bio of Queen Victoria. You know who she was, right? And I guess that answer another question because that's my favorite book right now. 

I might start a snowball fight, if I had some snow, but then maybe not. I'd probably not get the first snow ball off. Pete would be way ahead me on that one.

My family celebrates Christmas like most people, I guess. Mom puts up one of those trees from Walmart, Dad sprays some "evergreen" stuff around the room, and then we go to dinner at a restaurant we all like--Guido's Chinese Palace.

Hey! Great that you wanted to interview me. I kind of liked this.
Want to join the fun? Here's the Linky:

Christmas Countdown: 15 days and counting! 

If you're in need of some simple and tasty recipes for this busy time, go visit SOUTHPAW. She's posting some great menu ideas . . . really. I have tried several and they are delicious and some are fast. My kind of meal!


  1. Another one for Johnny Depp!! Cool. Love your flash fiction about Alex, C.Lee.

  2. Love your post for Alex and character insight.

    Christmas is sooooo close. Woot!

  3. Next Ninja Gathering - that's great! And be happy to have Depp play me.
    Thanks so much, Lee. This is really awesome.

  4. Weasel's voice cracks me up. Nicely done. I love it when characters answer questions.

  5. Yep, a Johnny Depp is a great choice. I'd see it :)

  6. Wow, you are one busy lady, Lee. You covered it all in one post!

  7. Your Alex post was great, as was your description of how he does it! Love the nickname Weasel and I had fun reading your interview with your fab creation. I wish I could do these blogfests, but I'll have to pop in here and there, as I am in the throes of correcting student exams!

  8. Johnny seems to be a favorite. :-)

    Nice entry.

  9. Depp is a favorite, but I think that Tom has him by a couple of inches... if he's wearing his heels :)

  10. Lots going on for you! Great tribute to Alex. :o)

  11. Tis the festive season here indeed. A listmaker seems like a credible answer to Alex's amazing networking abilities.

    Wrote By Rote

  12. Steve Irwin, ha! That made me laugh.

    Lovely post!

  13. LOL to the "5,000 other posts!" Hahaha... too funny.

    And great piece, Lee. Loved it! :D

  14. Oh Steve Irwin, that made me laugh too. And Johnny Depp is a popular choice today, I can see it in a matrix sort of way. (:

  15. Depp is a great choice for our ninja!

  16. oh wow, I think you and I had the same idea how Alex looks like! :)
    It's great to meet you Weasel, and hope to read your adventures in Alligators Overhead soon.

  17. Fast is my idea of cooking.

    Johnny Depp is winning the Alex fest.

    I wonder if my characters celebrate Christmas. I probably have to make up new holidays. Enjoyed reading about Weasel.

  18. That was fun! Johnny Depp is a great choice :)

    Weasel is a great characters - love the truth or dare answers!

  19. I don't know where you get the energy for so much hopping. I enjoyed your clever tribute to the Captain, especially "Nimble Ninja Xela" scenario.


  20. Johnny Depp seems to be the popular choice! Yay for Alex!

  21. Loved this interview about Weasel. Humourous and full of info and very much in his POV.

  22. Yum! Now I'm in the mood for steak :) That was a lot of love for Alex- and your sidekick interview sounds like my kind of boy!

  23. Wow! You're having way too much fun. Love Weasel's interview. And Johnny Deep. Oh, my heart. Wait! He could be my son. :) Continue with the Hops.

  24. More Depp. :-) (Wife loved him until he "graduated" from 21 Jumpstreet. Now she's into Thor. LOL)

    Not just a Ninja but taut and muscled too? It's a good thing Alex is such a nice guy! Great post!

  25. follower from the hop, hi!!

  26. Wow, you really covered a lot today! I really enjoyed your flash fiction piece especially the Nimble Ninja Xela, and the NNG. Julie

  27. Hi Lee - taut, muscled and stealthy .. does Alex have time enough to spend in the gym, or running round the universe to stay that fit - his fingers might do as he bounces around the blogosphere!

    Now - what's on .. his memory bank must be huge! Film memory bank particularly ...

    Holly's (SouthPaw)recipes are good - I got her tea book for a friend .. and loved the ideas she had - 365 days with Christmas recipes - lots for everyone ..

    You too - must have an organised memory bank .. cheers Hilary

  28. Can you just see Alex right now? For a man who hates the limelight, this is good for him.

  29. Steve Irwin - LOL! Do ninjas wrestle alligators?

  30. Aw thanks for the shout out and kind words.

    PSST: I always thought Ninja Alex looked like a turtle with a guitar.

  31. Oh, wow! That was great! And two blogfests for the price of one! Thank you for participating! :)

  32. Love your story about Alex, and how you changed his name to Xela! Great tribute!

  33. Hurray for Alex! Depp's been mentioned several times, now.

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  34. Ha ha! Love it!!!
    I love seeing Alex all over the blogs today. He's such a great person!

  35. Another Johnny Depp answer. Never saw it. But you're so right. Alex is JohnnyDepp-kewl, for sure.

  36. Lots of great stuff here. I've been seeing many Depp mentions in this blogfest.

    I enjoyed reading about Weasel.

  37. Loved the flash fiction. And Johnny Depp for Alex is everywhere. Because of the piraty look?

  38. A lot of people picked Johnny Depp -- OMG, it just occurred to me... Alex IS the Johnny Depp! Of course! That's why he won't post his profile pic! Duh!

    Okay, one question. How'd you all figure it out?

  39. Johnny Depp has been very popular.

  40. Wow, you have been busy! Yes, I'd say Johnny Depp is always a good choice.

  41. Nice tribute to Alex. Hadn't thought of Ninjas and Jedis...together, but you're so right.

    Tina @ Life is Good

  42. Love your Alexfest entry.

    Re: recipes...With a name like 'Southpaw,' I'd expect nothing less. :D

  43. High fives we both picked Johnny! A great actor for a great guy. I love that description of taut. ;) And the Next Ninja Gathering is definitely something I would sign up for.

  44. Loved your thoughts about Alex!

    Great interview with Weasel. Wonderful to find out more about this great character!


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