Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Miscellany, Mostly Thanksgiving!

November  19, 2012



Last week as I was driving into town, wild turkeys attacked my car with demands. "You can pass if you sign this petition," they said. A petition being shoved in your face would have riled most people so soon after this long, drawn out election process, but I needed to get to town. Long and short . . . I signed and here you see the beastly birds allowing me safe passage through the woods.

Safe from me!



I've heard that Amazon will not be allowing authors to write reviews anymore.  At first, I thought, "Rats!" Then I thought,  "Can they do that?" I mean a lot of writers buy their books from Amazon. Isn't there going to be a rebellion or a protest or some kind of Tea Party action?

I've check and so far my review are still up for books I've read and commented on. I still have all my writer reviews for my books. I did hear from one writer that two of her writer reviews for her book disappeared! Anyone else checking? What do you find?


Promotion: On getting more reviews

  • Who has heard of/used TweetAdder? What do you think? 
  • How about using the non-automated Twitter to ask for reviews? Have you tried that? Any results?
  • Ask David? It offers reviews. Any ideas about this site? 
  • Knights of the Round Table is on goodreads and offers its members reviews. Anyone in this group?
  • LinkedIn group called Book Reviewers is interesting. A PW reviewer is offering to review books for members. You might check this out.

If authors really are shut out of reviewing on Amazon, where would you go to ask for more reviews?





  1. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Not very fair that authors can't do reviews anymore.

  2. Are you saying that YOU as a writing couldn't write a review for MY book or that you can't write a review for your own book? The former would really suck the big time.

  3. that's odd hmmm---and a very happy thanksgiving to you :)

  4. Love those turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Lee.

  5. That isn't right at all. I say if we can't write reviews, then I'll not buy books from Amazon. Just because I am a writer doesn't mean I can't have an opinion!

  6. Too cute. I think the turkeys have been paying attention to the Chic-fil-a cows and now using the same campaign against the chickens lol!

    I have checked my reviews on Amazon and so far, I've noticed that those shown as Amazon verified are staying. Haven't seen one removed yet.

    Haven't checked these other links but look like they're worth a visit. Thanks for mentioning them.

    And have a wonderful and joyous Thanksgiving :-)

  7. A fun short fiction snippet brought on by real it!!! Brought a smile. Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I've heard about the Amazon reviews thing. I think it's unfortunate.
    Never tried TweetAdder, but then again, I'm not that savvy on Tweeter.

    Have a Happy Thanks Giving, enjoy the turkey! (;

  9. Awesome turkeys. Have a Happy Thanksgiving Lee!

  10. Wait, Amazon is not going to allow authors write reviews on "other" peoples books?

    That seems weird. --and confounding.

  11. I live in suburbia, so I loved the image of wild turkeys and the thought of the making you sign a petition :D

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

  12. First the cats, now the turkeys--what is it with you and animal protests? ;-)

    I've never written reviews online. I do think Amazon's new policy doesn't get at the real problem: if a person is willing to sign his or her real name to a review, I'm fine with it, whether it's good or bad. The problem was the sock puppets, paid reviews, etc., and I don't see how this new policy really gets at that.

    But amazingly enough, nobody asked me. ;-)

  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    So far my reviews have stayed up, but I'm a small fish. They'll get to me near last. And a new review from an other showed up. Shrug. So who knows how this all is working.

  14. I wonder what would happen if the turkeys tried to stop a cat...

    Ugh. Really? I hadn't heard that, but I'm not a fan of this (Amazon) decision.

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  15. Hi Lee .. glad the turkeys let you pass - they're amazing creatures ... we had a documentary here on them, that I found so interesting - I posted about it!!

    Enjoy Thanksgiving ... and yes I might each chicken on Thursday .. seeing as we have a 'free' day ... cheers and see you next week - Hilary

  16. Great shot of the turkeys! The amazon thing is crazy- authors aren't readers? Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Jess

  17. I'm with Knights of the Round Table on Goodreads. I haven't done anything with them but its on my To Do List.

  18. Oh, and thanks for signing up for the Alexfest!

  19. I find it crazy that authors can't write reviews for books they have read. That seems odd- I didn't know anything about that. Hmmm....

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. That doesn't seem right. Mine are still up as of right now. What does this mean for endorsements from other authors? Like what if Stephen King wants to blurb someone's book? Does Amazon prohibit that? And what's to stop people from creating regular accounts? That seems silly. I think the reviews from peoples' moms and best friends have less credence than those from other authors. I mean other authors are discerning readers. *sigh* What's next?

  21. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Amazon even monitors my reviews and I'm not an author!

  22. I am always leery of automated tools, but it would be interesting to see a video of how it works, or try a free trial. I imagine like all online tools, it could be good if used correctly.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  23. Happy Thanksgiving and the weekend beyond it! I have not heard of any of those links you mentioned.

  24. I heard about some reviews being taken down, Lee, but I hadn't heard that Amazon wasn't letting authors post reviews anymore! What the heck? Thanks for letting us know. That's insane!

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