Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Swamp Hop Still Under Seige. Lynn Nerd Kelly Sympathetic

Lynn Nerd Kelly reacts to CAT attitude.

The cats have returned from their conference. Some are willing to negotiate, some refuse. 

Negotiations have resumed. Fortunately, LYNN NERD Kelly has stepped in to bring all of you up to date on this issue. Please stop by and lend your support.

This CAT matter will be settled soon, then I'm going to the Bahamas and swim with these guys.  They aren't  sharks, are they?


  1. Hi. I linked to your blog from Julie's place. Fun stuff! I'm way past the age of reading children's books, but I do like your sense of humor. Guess I'll have to sign on as a follower and see what else you have up your sleeve. Good luck with your newest release.

  2. I'm heading over to Lynn's right away! it looks like one of the cats got a hold of your taser! Julie

  3. Well, there are a lot of sharks in the Bahamas, but those are definitely dolphins. :)

  4. Are you really going to the Bahamas? Do you need a partner, cook, launderer, or maybe a makeup person? Hey, I do windows. And you'll never know I'm there. Sadly, I won't fit in your suitcase. I don't bend well anymore. But I'm quiet. Did I mention I'm cold?

    Thanks so much for joining my blog!

  5. I won! Thank you! My email addy is:

    cluculzwriter at yahoo dot ca

    Thanks again. I'm 59 going on 12, so I know I'm going to love it!

  6. This has been a long hop. Thanks for hanging in there and commenting along the way!

  7. "Some are willing to negotiate, some refuse."
    And some are attacking pencils they found on the floor, and some are lying around looking self-satisfied.

  8. I am heading over to Lynn's. I have always wanted to swim with dolphins.

  9. Lee - Haha! So funny that you used that crazy photo of me! You never cease to entertain us! Your post is a big hit on my blog. I'm so glad I got to be part of your launch!

    I wanted to let you know that today I read Fabio Bueno's new blog series, YAmondAY. Today he featured Debra Kristi, who recommended some excellent YA books. I've read two of them and would love to read the other two sometime. She asked if we have any other recommendations for a good YA read, so I recommended both of yours. They deserve to be right up there with those best sellers. You might want to follow Fabio's blog, and maybe he'll feature you one of these days. You'd be perfect. Here's his link:

    Now I need to reply to the rest of the comments on my blog. Lots of great comments re your crazy cat dilemma!

  10. Really, you're going to go swim with dolphins? Have a wonderful time!


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