Friday, August 17, 2012

The Swamp Hop Goes Loopy

The LOOPINESS is all Alex Cavanugh's fault. Yes it is. I took his advice and offered up huge doses of CATNIP in hopes that when the cats returned to the negotiating table they'd be, well, mellow! This is what happened, instead. They can't meow straight let alone negotiate!

Anyway, the launch must go on and to help sooth my angst over these latest developments, Alex has offered to have me on his BLOG. Please visit me at his place. I'll definitely be there because I can't stay here with all these stoned cats. You all know Alex because he writes these books that everybody's talking about.

Then because I'm a very lucky writer, I get to take my Swamp Hop to MEDEIA SHARIF'S. She's cooked up some wonderful questions for me to answer. Tell me if I get any wrong, okay? Check out Medeia's book, too.  Is this a great cover, or what? If you know a little about me, you know my background is in intercultural communication, so I get excited about any book that smacks of intercultural themes. This one does, for sure!

LARISSA'S WORLD is a really beautiful blog, but she's agreed to let me mess it up a bit with some alligators and swamp mud. She is very kind, so come say hi, and then stay to tidy up, okay?

KAI STRAND is a busy writer who has two books out and a third almost here. Still she has time to host me and my Swampy Crew, so stop in, count some gators and say hi.

See you all soon!


  1. Awesome post on Alex's site. So excited for the release of your book!

  2. I always find cats on Catnip entertaining. :) I'll pull your blog button and add it to my sidebar this weekend. I've already stopped at Alex's today.

  3. Stupid cats can't hold their nip!
    Happy to host you. Couldn't get code for the trailer to work - will grab it from YouTube and post next Friday.

  4. I've enjoyed seeing the interviews with you around the web. And I love the term swamp hop. :)

  5. Loved your post at Alex's blog today!

  6. Saw your post on Alex's site. Great job! I like your book trailer, too.

    Those cats are hilarious - just like mine on catnip!

  7. Thanks Natalie. You've been at several of my stops on this tour and I appreciate that.

    Hi Ciara. That's really wonderful of you.

    Sorry that code didn't work, Alex. Thanks for fiddling with the link.

    Hi again, Marcia. Glad you like Swamp Hop.

    Tyrean I just went over to your site. What a great vacation you had.

  8. Those poor cats! Alex's suggestion worked well :)

  9. It's great hosting you and seeing you everywhere. :)

    Thank you for posting my book.

  10. There's nothing funnier than cats "on" catnip! Thanks for the vid. :-)

  11. Hi Lee .. cats on catnip and alligators overhead are a right real mix .. good luck with the books - you're doing the rounds .. like an alligator on catnip! ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. Awwww kitties on catnip are the BEST!!!! There really should be a human equivalent (well a legal one anyway! LOL!!) Ok, moving swiftly on.... yay for your bookbloghopping!!!!! Congratulations! Take care


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