Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swamp Hop Still On But Check Out Pinterest Along the Way

(My title for this post SU#2!!!K.) However, here's a great article from PW by Kate Messner about Pinterest that I thought readers might like. The other day when I was on Verla Kay's I expressed some concern about the copyright issue in the pinning and re-pinning on this media site; Kate responded by sending this link.


Today I'm visiting some more special bloggers. Kelly Hashway gives one of  my characters a chance to have his say about Alligators Overhead. Kelly writes across genres from Picture Books to Young Adult fiction. TOUCH OF DEATH (Spencer Hill Press, 1/15/13) & CURSE OF THE GRANVILLE FORTUNE (Month9Books, 1/21/ 14) Her picture book, May The Best Dog Win is a wonderful early book.

Cece is hosting me as well and if my writer's brain isn't totally on the fritz, there's a giveaway here.

And here's something special . . . I'm blasting off to Spacedock19 to talk to the marvelous M.Pax. I'm over the moon . . . well, not really. I'm this side of the moon, right Mary? I'll have to ask her where her Spacedock orbits. She doesn't mess around in space, either. Look at her lineup of publications.

I also have the great pleasure of being on Cheryl Rainfield's blog. Author of the realistic, contemporary Scars and Hunted.

I get so excited by all of this visiting. Don't dawdle around here today, but please come see what's going on at all this super sites.



  1. You are all over! Can't wait for Friday.

  2. Looks like you are all over the bloggosphere! Yeah for you. I checked out Kelly's post and can't wait to check out the rest!

  3. Isn't it great to have alligator that can fly? They cover a lot of territory . . . fast!

  4. Thanks for the mention, Lee. :) I'm heading out to check the other places you mentioned. Oh, already checked out Kelly. Weasel is a cool kind :)

  5. You are busy touring the blogosphere, Lee! So happy for you. love that trailer, too :)

  6. I've been on Pinterest for a little bit. It's fun. It's also easy and doesn't take a whole lot of time. I just pinned your book today in my "Books Worth Reading".

    Was glad to have you on. I guess I should think about where Spacedock 19 is. Mary's galaxy perhaps. lol

  7. Wow, you're all over the place!! Hmmm, where to go first. . .

  8. You are everywhere!! Alligators Overhead is fantastic! I am SO CLOSE to being finished :)

  9. You are all over the blogging world. I'll head over now.


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