Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swamp Hop Saga and Emotion

Today Alligators Overhead is featured at Angela Ackerman's Amazing The Bookshelf Muse . Her book will soon be in student hands in U. S. classrooms, and it's about a topic dear to my heart--our silent language. Very powerful in life and very powerful in fiction. Hope you'll stop in to say hi to me and to Angela today.  She's given me a chance to pontificate, write about Synopses, One Strategy. Please come take a look and say hi.

Jemi is a wonderful blogger at Just Jemie and she's kindly allowed me visit her there as well. If you don't follow Jemi, you're missing a lot of great posts.

Hope to see you at both blogs today. Gotta go so I can be in both places! 


  1. I just visited you at Jemi's site as well!

  2. Does that mean you really were in two places at the same time?

  3. Thanks for posting over at my place, Lee - it was a great visit :)


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