Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Insecure Writer Succumbs to Poetry

Insecure writer me
How on earth came this to be?
In days before this passion came
My writing ne'er appear so lame. 
So tell me please why now mere words 
Jay Hilgert

And now your turn. Some poetry to express yourself? 
I think we should have an Insecure Writer Poetry Contest
 with prizes, of course.
Your thoughts? Gemme some words before they fly away.

Flit past my brain like agile birds,
Not lighting on the page the way
I'd planned they'd perch and there to stay.
Instead these feathered shadows fly 
Before the ink I can apply.


  1. How lovely. I'm not a natural poet. It requires a lot of work for me. I'm sure if I put my mind to it I could squeeze out some.
    THanks for sharing.

  2. You requested some poetic words and so...
    I'll give it a bash---- and here I go...
    I enjoyed the smooth and wonderful flow!
    Definitely sounds like you're a secure poet - wow!

  3. LOL! What a fun poem. Let's see... *ahem*

    My words, too, seem to fly away.
    I wish I could catch them and make them stay.
    Lately they've been butterflies. Frightened off by my children's cries.

    Hey! What do you think? :D

  4. I can't write poetry for the life of me, so instead I'll just ogle at your pretty words :D

  5. Lovely! I can see there are poets and those who appreciate it among us Insecure Folk.

  6. I just write dog poems. Here's the first one I ever tried:

    There once was a dog from Nantucket
    Who gobbled his food by the bucket.
    He often fell ill
    From the copious swill
    And then he would have to upchuck it.

    When I showed this to my BFF Mike, he said it was okay but that it lacked soul. So I decided to face my past as a stray (it was agony!) and came up with this:


    Sleeping in the rain
    Is a pain
    In the butt
    For a mutt
    With little choice.
    An angry voice
    Assaults my ear:
    "Hey, you, get outta here!
    Too bad you're all wet--
    Now get
    Your stinky hide outta my front yard!
    I know life's hard.
    It's a bitch--no offense."
    (None taken.)

    I awaken
    Somewhat shaken
    And struggle to my feet,
    Then head for a place across the street
    Where the rain-soaked grass looks just as green
    And hopefully the humans are a little less mean.
    As I slink down the long and winding drive,
    To show my friend that I'm still alive,
    I decide to leave a gift--I squat for a minute.
    Maybe tomorrow he'll step right in it.

  7. You are a canine poet, Buddy. I admire your work and in a contest, you'd win, hands down!

    Here's a doggie biscuit.

  8. Poetry? Crap, what rhymes with Hot Tamales?

  9. Why is there never enough time
    when under the gun of a deadline?

    How's that?

  10. When the words come out to play, what magic will become this day?

    Stephanie swears that I think in rhyme- lol!

    @ Alex Cavanaugh- You could have quite the flippant Follies all about your hot tamales : )

    Great post, fun, fun, fun : ) ~ Jess

  11. My sequel oozes out of me,
    like red blood from the Fireseed tree.

  12. I'm so not going to attempt poetry. I've never written it. Well, excluding the angsty teen stuff. :)

  13. Dang you guys are good. Follies Tamales! DMS I might have known you'd find a rhyme!

    MPax is right on.

    Catherine, you are always amazing me.

    Ciara, I should stay out of this genre, too, but I've never been very schmart.

  14. I've had ideas leave me before I can write them down, or I have an idea and it doesn't look like it should on paper.

    I have some old poems about writerly angst.

  15. I'm not a poet,
    but that was great!
    Good luck with your writing.
    I'm turning in, it's late!

  16. It seems like months now I've been stuck
    in long rewrites and query muck.
    I need a hero from film or book
    To take me from my pc nook,
    Not for a tryst like Shades of Gray.
    I just need a lift to the Agent Highway.

    Well, the meter is off, but it was fun to write! :-)

  17. Oh, really fantastic, Lee. I love poetry, how the words are weaved together so effortlessly, so lyrical. Only wish I could write so well. :)

  18. With competition such as this
    I'm afraid
    My humble poem would go amiss.

    Loved your poem!

  19. The last two lines really hit home for me...I have to jot notes the second they flit into my brain because otherwise I forget the awesome idea--no matter how awesome it is.

  20. Whoa! I'm in the company of some stiff poetry competition here. Great poems and some super thoughts. Thanks!

  21. What a unique way to post. I'm not very good at writing poetry. I hate it when thoughts fly away. Dreams too. I wake up with amazing thoughts only to have them fade after a minute or two.

  22. I solve that with pencils and post-it notes in every room of the house. (kidding) Nice poem. Great post! :)

    IWSG #179 (At least until Alex culls the list again. :P)

  23. Lee, your wonderful poem has inspired many! I think you're on to something! Julie

  24. Nice! I do love poetry but rarely write it anymore. It can express so many moods so well! :)

  25. Over the lips and through the gums... Oh wait, I'm plagiarizing. I'll just keep reading your cool poem over and over.

  26. Poetry? I could do that
    but I probably won't.
    Just like I won't be going to bat
    Cause when I try to hit the ball I don't.

    Uh, that made little sense so I guess I'll stick to prose.

    Wrote By Rote


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