Friday, August 3, 2012

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August 3, 2012


"Intolerable," says Albert Wisecat. "This must stop."

Cats maintain that never in history have alligators been privileged to serve as familiars. The head of the Federation of Feline Familiars rallies member to rise up an put an end to the alligator take over.

Federation of Feline Familiars marched in protest and demanded book be BANNED.

Hadleyville, U.S.A. (AP) — All alligator operations were temporarily halted Wednesday at the highly secret Hadleyville complex that is famous for its alligator witch familiars when Albert Wisecat led his well-organized team of feline protesters. This militant crew were able to intrude into a high-security area over the weekend.

The temporary stand-down is expected to end by next week. Special service teams of the Ornofree swamp alligators, and contractor security personnel will undergo training and refresher instruction.

The protesters were found hanging banners in the dark, howling and offering to share catnip with the security guards at the Hadleyville complex, officials said. They were arrested.

The complex has never gotten protesters and activists on their site, but since the publication of Alligators Overhead, they've experienced a constant hounding, which they now refer to as "catting." 
    The head of the Ornofree Alligator tribe was reported as saying, "These cats are messing with the wrong group. We are highly organized and have several generations of successful interaction with the witches of Hadleyville. The Feline Familiars should be content with the rest of the world and leave this part to us."

Champion of the Under Cat Speaks 

We will not allow jobs to go to another species. Alligators have their place and it is not as witch familiars."



  1. Oh, this is hysterical Lee. I SO want to read your book!

  2. TOTALLY cracking up. My copy should be here any day or so says Amazon. Can't wait to read this to my class.

  3. This was so funny! Sounds like it will be a great read:) My kiddos will fall over with laughter!

  4. Uh-oh. Those cat protesters better watch out. Crunch, crunch.

  5. lol! I love how this ties into your book! I think the alligators are great familiars for the witches- and the cats can have the rest of the world. :)

    Love it!

  6. Haha, my first laugh of the day! Have a lovely Sunday.

  7. Those cats are stirring up all kinds of trouble. What to do is the question.

  8. Awesome!! THis completely matches the tone of the book - which is fantastic!!! :)

  9. I'm still laughing! Now I need to read the book.

  10. LOL.. hilarious. I enjoyed reading this. That's quite a struggle going on there with Alligators and Cats..mmh really tough groups..


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