Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Author Retaliates Goes to Bloggers for Support

August 8

Hadleyville, U.S.A (AP)--An ongoing conflict between the Federation of Feline Familiars (FFF) and the Alliance of Alligators Overhead (AAO) has come to a head. Both sides have agreed to negotiate with the author, C. Lee McKenzie, and those negotiations continue behind locked doors.  Thanks to supporter Alex Cavanaugh and E. J. Wesley, she is now in communication with the K-9 Collective; however, only the Malamute chapter has responded to lend a hand. They've sent contributions of three doggie rawhide bones and one ball with bell. The alligators ate them.  She asks that any other contributions be sent the local animal shelter in the name of the cause.
Malamute Chapter sends donations, but remains Switzerland in negotiations.

The story unfolds here: August 3. August 6. August 7.

C. Lee Tries to Reason with Negotiator
In the meantime, C. Lee has taken her case to the bloggers in hopes of stirring interest in her newly released middle grade novel, Alligators Overhead. At this time, she has refused to rewrite the story, replacing cats with alligators. As she said during a brief recess earlier today, "I have artistic control over this project, and I refuse to allow any of that control to slip through my fingers . . . even to those cuddly FFF members."

When asked how she plans to deal with her book launch and these negotiations, she replied, "Very carefully. However, I will proceed with my book launch as planned and I hope followers will be able to get beyond the ugliness of the situation and stop by the different bloggers to add their support at sites I visit."

Catherine Stein, author of FireSee One support beleaguered author.
C. Lee will be at Catherine Stein's IDEA CITY today and, as she told this reporter, ". . .carrying on as if nothing is amiss. I hope my readers will stop in to leave a comment and forget that I'm embroiled in a nasty dispute about rewriting and threats of book banning."

We contacted the FFF and the AAO, but lawyers for each side have asked that neither side speak to the press.


  1. LOL! This is hilarious, Lee! So the felines are on the assault? Or is it the malamutes? I need to get your book for my daughter. She's a voracious reader. Good luck w/the battle~ :D <3

  2. This is great, Lee!
    I must ask--not to stir the controversy or anything--but what about the panthers? Or are they simply observing quietly from the sidelines?

  3. Its happening! Just as my fortune cookie said. Felines vs. malamutes. Man, those cookies are never wrong!

  4. @LTM hope she likes the adventure!

    @Susan oh, no! I can't take another critter into the mix. I'm overwhelmed as it is now.

    @Stephen And so why didn't you call me? I should have been prepared.

    Off to fight the battle!

  5. See you soon, Lee. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  6. I think this is great ! What a way to launch a book! I;ll be following you around so if you get a feeling you are being watched, it's just little ole me, Talynn, from Ink in the Book!

  7. Man, where are the pit bull and doberman chapters when you need them???

  8. haha! i love this post. I hope the issue is resolved soon, however !:)

  9. Must be a hard line to walk between the FFF and AAO!

  10. How about cats AND gators? Both sides win!

  11. This was good fun, although I have to admit I read the first paragraph several times, trying to get my head around it.....

    I wouldn't count on much help from the malamutes...they are a pretty quiet group.

  12. Classic... totally reminds me of my days as a beat reporter (but with different topics!!!)

    Hope all ends well for the Alligators :)

  13. Careful Ms McKenzie, Cats are sneaky and though Alligators are honest, their intentions are unclear.


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