Friday, April 27, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge-X

X is one letter that can stand on its head (X) or its feet (X) and look exactly the same. The only others I can think of are H and O.  Am I desperate to cross the A to Z Blogging Challenge finish line, or what?

Still, if you think about it, standing on your head gives you a very different perspective as a writer. (I've already said that in an earlier post, but it bears repeating.) We just don't look right upside down the way H, O and X do. Okay, I'm certifiable. Come take me away.
Here are some special XXX for the other A to Z Challenge organizers (I already said thanks to Alex and Lee).  Thanks for all the work, bloggers. Thanks for all the fun.

Amlokiblogs (Damyanti Biswas)

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Cruising Altitude 2.0 (DL Hammons)

Retro-Zombie (Jeremy Hawkins)

The Warrior Muse (Shannon Lawrence)

The QQQE (Matthew MacNish)

Author Elizabeth Mueller (Elizabeth Mueller)

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  1. I say, when it comes to 'X', anything goes! :)

    'I' and 'O' shows horizontal symmetry, too!

    J.C. Martin
    A to Z Blogger

  2. Standing you your head is beneficial (at least that's what my yoga instructor says... but sometimes I doubt her sanity). :)

  3. I think we're all getting a bit loopy!

  4. Have an X from me! I was stuck for an X today, so winged my way through!

  5. Interesting to see what people do with "x" today.

  6. Wow! Now this is an ingenious post for X! I was thinking what you will come up with and here you are! Not disappointed at all!


  7. we are almost crossing the finish line; hang in there...keep on swimming, keep on swimming!

  8. Hi C. Lee - I never thought of X's versatility in doing a headstand - nor H or O, so I got to thinking... B (if both bumps where the same size), C, D, E, and I could all be flipped upside down and look the same - I can see I've gone "loopy" as Alex mentioned when I've have time to visualize letter in odd positions! :)

    Yup...where's the "exit" - not a real X word but sounds like one, and in my book that counts. (said because my X post is writhing with the little faux X critters).

    Great "X" post!

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  9. Great post! I loved it. And its amazing that even though we might be standing on our heads but looking exactly like we are on our feet, there is a whole new perspective opening up before us. Well done!

  10. Hi Lee .. X does rock and roll doesn't it .. especially the jack X ... love the idea of thinking outside the box .. Xs up in the air as in cheerleading, Xs underwater as in synchronised swimming ..

    Great thoughts .. cheers Hilary

  11. Yes this has been a terrible letter and took longer than most.


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