Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Insecure Writer, Me

Alex J. Cavanaugh's Brain Child

Because I strive for writing fame,
BONKERS is my middle name.
Please tell me that in future days
My words will have some worthwhile praise.
Readers, help the writer me
to cast off INSECURITY.


  1. There are days we all feel that way. At least I do. Thanks for commenting for Alex on my blog.

  2. I promise that one day your words will have worthwhile praise. For real.

  3. Somedays we all feel like giving up - but then we can't help ourselves. But the first thing I did was get my own personal cheerleader - my self. And I talk to her daily in the mirror when I'm in a write funk.

  4. I love the poem! I can just imagine how hard it would be to put so much of yourself into something and then toss it out to be loved/hated/abused/enjoyed by total strangers. No wonder you have insecurity issues! Just remember that most of us are too insecure to do that much so you already have us non-writers beat!

  5. Great poem! It is always hard putting yourself out there. Remember that you are talented and kind! :)


  6. It will happen! Take Dory's advice from "Finding Nemo"

    "Just keep swimming"


  7. How funny. This is the Mantra of my brain. Did you write it for me?


    1. I did, indeed! I hope you don't mind sharing. It seems we have a few writers that go Bonkers every once in a while. :-)

  8. Ha! Love this. Sending secure vibes your way...

  9. Bravo, Lee! Love this poem! Get rid of that insecurity. Your writing rocks! Really and truly. I'll be purchasing The Princess of Las Pulgas with an Amazon gift card I won! Still haven't had a chance to write a review for Sliding on the Edge, but I will. It's sooooooo good, Lee.

  10. This is so good I read it a couple of times. I love both of your books and I bet lots of other readers love them too. One day everyone will know your name.

  11. I LOVE your poems!! This one's a keeper. I feel like printing it out and posting it on my wall. :D

  12. Great poem! sums up my feeling nicely :)

  13. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a mantra.


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