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Truth Teller by Kurt Chambers

Today I've set aside my Monday Moods to host a debut fantasy writer, K. CHAMBERS. I Hope you enjoy what he has to say about himself and his book. Also one of my awesome readers has a chance to win a free eBook. LEAVE A COMMENT, DO A FEW TWEETS AND/OR AN FB POST, WHATEVER YOU'D LIKE TO SPREAD THE WORD.  Here's what our author has to say about himself and his book.


I’m so excited to announce my debut novel, Truth Teller, is officially released. I never thought I would hear myself say those words. This series has been eight years in the making and one of the most amazing journeys I have ever undertaken in my whole life. Please let me indulge myself and tell you a bit about my story.

I was introduced to fantasy books by my mum at about the age of twelve. I instantly fell in love with them, but not being the best reader in the world, I struggled with some of the hard core classics. I wished there were books like these that were written especially for children like me. So, many years later when I started writing children’s novels, this seemed the perfect place to start. I wrote this series so children could enjoy the thrill of a traditional fantasy story without becoming overwhelmed. I’m very pleased with the results after finding my story was equally enjoyed by adults as well. The feedback I’ve received has been amazing from all age groups.

Here's the author who I'm sure is going to delight this grandson with his stories. 



Ten-year-old Charlotte stumbles upon a strange shop when searching for a present. The creepy shopkeeper gives her an enchanting antique snow dome, but refuses to accept payment. All he asks is she promises to always tell the truth. She accepts his strange request.

Woken in the night, Charlotte is drawn by the globe’s eerie light and hypnotic power. With a sudden jerk, she finds herself stranded and all alone in a dark forest where she is discovered by a sword-wielding maniac. He calls himself, Elderfield, and he turns out to be a kind and brave teenage elf. He offers to take Charlotte to his family farm on a promise that he will help her find a way home.

They embark on an epic journey to find out why Charlotte has been brought to this realm and to pursue the one person who might be able to help, but none of them realise just how much is at stake. Strange things start to happen; visions come to her in dreams. They are hunted by real life monsters that attack with terrifying fury, but a far greater threat shadows their every move.

Fleeing for their lives, they reach the safety of an ancient mountain fortress and find the shopkeeper who gave Charlotte the dome. Her hopes of returning home are dashed as she is abducted by a druid assassin. Charlotte thinks she is defenceless against such a powerful foe, but in this realm, she is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was.


This is just the start of Charlotte’s action-packed adventures. There are currently two other books in the series,
The Wrath of Siren and Favian’s Law. Both books are complete and in the editing process. I hope to release these titles some time in the near future and make a compilation of all three books in a special hardback edition. In the meantime, I’m working on a fourth book in the series, Lost Magic.


*Dawne Domonique - Multi-published author and professional cover artist.

The Truth Teller is one of the best children's fantasy book I've read in a long while. Charlotte is so easy to picture in my mind, and the fantasy aspects are brilliant! There are underlying currents of "real life lessons" that are subtly included...ideal for parents looking for that perfect bedtime story to read to their children. I loved the entire premise of the novel and will definitely be purchasing the next ones in this series.

Kurt Chambers has captured the genre with a wonderful story that will delight many a child's (and adult's) imagination.

*Annie McMahon - Editor, published author and Novel Workshop moderator.

This book has everything a bestseller should have: compelling story, endearing characters, vivid descriptions, genuine emotions, and a lot of surprising twists and turns. This is a story about a friendship that transcends race, gender, age, and even realms, between Charlotte, a ten-year-old girl, and Elderfield, a teenage elf. Beautiful and heartwarming. I strongly recommend it and will be reviewing it on my blog. Dutch Hill News.

*Assistant Editor, Alicia Crouch

There is a lot of good humor in the Truth Teller, things that actually made me laugh out loud. I especially enjoyed watching the bond of friendship between Elder and Charlotte continually strengthen until they had become like family – that’s one of my favorite concepts in fantasy, and the author did a wonderful job of bringing it to life. He has got the skill to make the reader care about his characters, the most important and most difficult task an author must undertake. I really enjoyed the story, and look forward to working on the next book in the series.

Your chance to win a free copy of Truth Teller:
As part of my blog tour, I would like offer all you blog readers a chance to win a free copy of my story. Simply read the post here, leave a comment below and share this post on Facebook or Twitter, or both if you’re feeling generous. One lucky commenter will win a free copy of Truth Teller in e-book format via virtual dice. Please mention in your comment where you’ve shared this link, and include an email address where I can send you your prize if you win. Thank you!

TRUTH TELLER is now available in all e-book formats from: To BUY or read a SAMPLE, here are the links.

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You can connect with the KURT CHAMBERS at:

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  1. Thank you SO much for having me on your blog, Lee, it's a real honour :)

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful, adventurous tale.

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  6. Sounds like a wonderful series! Congratulations, Kurt!

  7. This book sounds fantastic. I was drawn in right away by the cover and the summary of the book is intriguing. I think there are many kids who enjoy fantasty- but often the books are too hard. What a great time they would have with this book! The author sounds like he has been on quite the journey and that is great that the other two books in the series are in the editing process. I would love to win this book. I am off to tweet and share!


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  8. Lots of great books by this author. Adorable grandbaby, too.

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  10. Thank you so much, Bish :)

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback, Jass. This was exactly the reason I wrote this fantasy series to make it easier to read for children.

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  11. I read about this on another blog. It sounds like a good story. I wish you great success with the book, Kurt.

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  14. It's an amazing book! I read it and I recommend it to anyone who likes MG Fantasy.

  15. I missed your event! : ( I'm so sorry, Kurt. What a fantastic blog post. This series is AMAZING!

    Missing you like crazy, my friend. *waves and kisses to Annie*

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